We have closed corsination.com website.

My wife, Monica Stettner Corsi has opened a new website at corstet.com.

The corstet.com website is where you can find our TeleMedicine program. Please go to https://corstet.com/telemd for more information and to register.

You can also find the corstet.com Telemedicine website at https://speakwithanmd.com/corstet and pass these links to your friends and family.

For now, those wishing to contact us regarding corsination.com can email at corsinationllc@gmail.com.

We want to thank all who have followed and supported us at corsination.com for you faithful support over these many years.

The Swiss America, Gold and Silver pages are also still available at https://corstet.com.

Dr. Jerome Corsi has retired from active involvement in current politics.

Dr. Corsi has retired to devote full-time to writing some legacy books he has wanted to write for many years.

Please email us at corsinationllc@gmail.com if you wish to purchase autographed copies of the 25 books Dr. Corsi has authored since 2004.