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Friday, October 26, 2018, guest hosts DC Hammer and Bandit

Written by Staff Writer

On Today's Show:

  • Dr. Corsi update
  • China bows to President Trump's pressure to cease purchasing Iranian oil
  • President Trump was briefed by CIA Director Gina Haspel yesterday after her return to DC from Turkey, investigating the unsolved dissappearance of  journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
  • Roger Stone was interviewed by NewsmaxTV on October 23, he talked about WikiLeaks And how He Punk'd The Democrats.
  • BREAKING: Arrest Made in Florida in Connection to “Bomb” Threats – 56-Year-Old White Male – Prior Arrests for Terroristic Threats (VIDEO),
  • 600 Examples Of Liberal Violence That The Media Didn't Blame On Democrats
  • Caravan update
  • President Trump to California: I Will Do To California What I’m About To Do To Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico
  • White House Docs Show Brennan Worried about How Terrorism Soiled the Image of Islam in U.S.
  • FINANCIAL SUMMARY 10-26-18 - The S&P 500 Index officially entered 'correction territory'
  • TECH WRECK+ALIBABA. The top six companies in the WORLD, by rank top to bottom are Apple, Amazon, Alphabet(Google), Microsoft, Facebook, and Alibaba. They all acheived peak market cap values during 2018
  • Reports: Megyn Kelly Fired by NBC
  • Catastrophic Super Typhoon Yutu Slams Into U.S. Commonwealth in the Pacific