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Dr. Corsi: "I Will not Sign a Lie."

Written by Staff Writer

Last night, Dr. Jerome Corsi appeared on OANN to discuss his ordeal dealing with the Mueller DOJ, and his frustration with the prosecutors trying to force him into signing a plea deal.

On the show, Dr. Corsi discussed how he has never had any contact with Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks nor did he have any intermediaries he worked through the Wikileaks founder.


Dr. Corsi maintains he was able to use his own deductive reasoning to figure out the remaining emails Wikileaks were from the Clinton Campaign manager, John Podesta in August 2016. The popular view is Seth Rich copied the emails to a thumb drive, one that Dr. Corsi maintains is the truth because of the way the Democrat servers are set up. The Democrats sheer number servers make it difficult for a hacker to gain access to any one computer. Getting access to that scope of content that was released by Wikileaks makes the Democrats and the prosecutors' stories not only unlikely but impossible.

Dr. Corsi went on to say that Roger Stone did not get his information from Dr. Corsi. Mr. Stone had his own sources. 

Dr. Corsi also said if Julian Assange could verify the email was obtained from someone other than the Russians, contrary to the position maintained by the Mueller prosecution, then the prosecutors would have no choice but to end their witch hunt.
Dr. Corsi stated he has only told the truth and he will not sign a plea deal to the contrary, no matter if he has to spend time in jail for it.