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French Police Remove Helmets in Show of Support for Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Jackets)!

Written by Editor-in-Chief

6032746234 47a08b963d bProportionately scant coverage has been given to the Yellow Jacket Movement thunderously occuring at this moment throughout France by the MSM.

Breitbart News has regularly covered Yellow Jackets for at least a month describing protests as an "insurrection" and "Paris in Flames." Corsi Nation also covered the protestors noting how they are deemed "human Nutella" by the EU elites.

The Yellow Jackets (also known as Yellow Vests) take their name from the luminous yellow vests that French motortists are legally bound to carry in their vehicles.

The Yellow Jacket protestors, sans infiltrators, apparently represent regular men and women of France saying "No" to rising gas tax. 

The gas tax is rising because of French President Macron's interest in using fuel taxes to combat climate change. (Note: Any gas usage reduction in France is minscule next to current Chinese carbon emissions.)

It's the connection of fuel taxes to climate change that reveals what the Yellow Jackets are really protesting--they are saying "No" to globalism hidden in the sheep's clothing of "climate change." They are resisting the transfer of their sovereignity as a nation, indeed perhaps as a person, to the EU.

The protests can be boiled down to a protest for nationalism and against globalism--which may account for the dearth of MSM coverage.

The protests have been going on for weeks--in the heart of historic Paris--on the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe--as well as in the French countryside. 

In one scene, French police remove their helmets to show solidarity with the Yellow Jackets. The protestors can be seen waving the French flag and singing "La Marseillaise," the French National Anthem.

It may be that citizens of nations across Europe are awakening as seen in the Yellow Jacket movement. Yellow Jacket protests have been reported in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. The possibility that these protests might occur in Canada has also been broached. 

Corsi Nation will contine to cover these protests. We, like our readers, will continue to look carefully as events unfold, noting who benefits from the chaos and disharmony among people.