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Larry Klayman: Dr. Corsi Going Up Against Most Powerful DOJ

Written by Staff Writer

Alex Jones recently interviewed Larry Klayman, who recently filed criminal charges against Robert Mueller on behalf of Dr. Jerome Corsi, to help bring a stop to the Mueller investigation and force an investigation into the illegal and unethical practices of Robert Mueller.


Larry Klayman, the founder of watchdog group Judicial Watch, the head of as well as the lawyer responsible for starting the impeachment against Bill Clinton, appeared on Infowars with host Alex Jones to discuss the criminal charges filed against Robert Mueller. The criminal action filed Monday, with Matthew Whittaker, acting Attorney General, The Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, U. S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Office of Professional Responsibility, Inspector General, Michale Horowitz, and Bar of Disciplinary Council District of Columbia Bar

Alex Jones asked questions regarding the abuse of power Robert Mueller has taken in the investigation and why he hasn't been challenged or stopped despite Mullers obvious overstepping his authority.

Mr. Klyman responded saying, the world has turned into a war of Left versus Right with the Left wanting to destroy the right. He said anyone caught in between, Like Dr. Corsi or Roger Stone, their lives are destroyed unless they testify falsely. He went on to say these people are being backed up against a wall and into a corner. Either they lie, or they are indicted.

Mr. Klayman goes on to say Muller has no authority to do what he is doing and he should be challenged right up to the Supreme court. He says Robert Mueller should have been confirmed by the Senate for his duties in the special investigation, and Mueller has no authority based on his lack of confirmation to proceed as far as he has with this investigation. Mr. Klayman also says this criminal action is the one chance we have to take Robert Mueller down.

Larry Klayman is not only representing, Dr. Jerome Corsi but other patriots, such as Laura Loomer and Joe Arpaio. Mr. Klayman's site can be found at