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President Trump: People Forced to Lie

Written by Staff Writer

PresidentTweetDrCorsiPresident Trump tweets after Jerome Corsi interview with Trish Regan on Fox Business saying: "People forced to lie. Sad!"

Jerome Corsi interviewed with Trish Regan on her show which aired Thursday; Trish Regan Primetime, blasted the special prosecutors' office saying he would not take the deal Mueller's office due to it being predicated on a lie.


Dr. Corsi told Regan, Mueller's special council had threatened him with perjury charges for forgetting about 2 emails he had written. Despite Dr. Corsi amending his testimony when he found them later and the Special Prosecutor's office accepting those amendments the lawyers threatened him with perjury charges.

Dr. Corsi told Regan he was later offered by Zalinski and his office, a plea deal if he did not go to the media. Dr. Corsi felt the plea deal was fraudulent, based on the information given the first day of questioning, not on the amended testimony given later.

Dr. Corsi maintains, contrary to the belief of Mueller's office, he had no contact with Julian Assange, Dr. Corsi never knew him, nor did he have a go-between. Rather, Dr. Corsi was able to figure out from previous drops and through people, he knew who had access to DNC servers, what was on the server the emails were from and what was left from the previous drop. This brought him to the conclusion that John Podesta emails were the only ones left released by Wikileaks on October 7, 2016.

Mueller's team of lawyers didn't believe it was possible to come to this conclusion, despite what Dr. Corsi told them what he knew about the DNC servers, the special prosecution made it clear they had an agenda into forcing Dr. Corsi into testifying against the President in the fake Russia Collusion investigation using the aforementioned perjury trap.

Dr. Corsi maintains the special prosecutor's office wanted him not report to his security agencies, which against the law. They wanted him to wait a year for sentencing along with other illegal and outrageous conditions including keeping his silence.

This same modus operandi saw with the testimonies given by General Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen, and others, who coerced into taking plea deals. Dr. Corsi said; "This is not justice. This is not America." Dr. Corsi also says he will not swear in a court of law to a lie. The tweet from the President reinforces how just how sad the state of affairs in Mueller's office has gotten