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2019: The Year of Earthquakes?

Written by Staff Writer

Earthquake damage to the Glenn Highway at Mirror Lake2019 has undeniably and unusually been full of seismic activity, indeed 2018 brought earthquakes in diverse places full of death and destruction, but the activity in Alaska is alarming with more than 81 significant earthquakes recorded since the beginning of the year.

The disturbing trend of the quakes is not only their frequency but where these earthquakes are manifesting.


In Alaska, many of the quakes occur along the Denali fault line, however, there are larger earthquakes produced further from the fault line in areas such as Kaktovic, and Tanana Alaska.

According to an article written by

" It is located along the notorious Ring of Fire, a horseshoe-shaped arc in the Pacific Ocean which joins the Pacific and North American plates.

This area - where two of the Earth’s tectonic plates meet - is marked by zones known as subduction zones.
And one of the fastest moving underwater tectonic faults is one which lies in southeastern Alaska according to the USGS.

USGS geophysicist Randy Baldwin said: "With a slip rate of more than 2 inches per year, this fault may be one of the fastest-moving strike-slip faults in the world.”


This makes it much faster than the San Andreas fault which lies in California."

But why is Alaska seeing so much activity? They have experience 81 earthquakes in just nine days in 2019, a figure way above normal for Alaska.

The activity is such a change from normal routines, that Daily Mail reported:

"After the region has suffered from more than 5,000 aftershocks, Adalynn has refused to sleep without her trusty sidekick, her father revealed.

Mr. Leary added: 'The only way she’ll sleep is if Fury is in there with her to protect and ease her anxiety. Normally he sleeps on the floor next to her bed but that night she called him up to cuddle him.'"

Alaska isn't alone in unusual seismic activity. The activity in the US since the beginning of the year include Hollandale, Mississippi. on January 8th the town was shook by a 3.7 quake. The state sees activity, but the last time Mississippi saw one was in 2014.

St. George Utah, another location that rarely sees earthquakes experienced one at 3.0 as did Currant Nevada that registered at 3.2 on January 9th.

2018 brought us the devastation of towns and homes by Kiluea. It also gave us earthquakes that brought major death and destruction in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Japan. With this flurry of activity so early in the year, what will 2019 bring?