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Progressive Tide Rolled Back

Written by Staff Writer

640px Donald Trump Signs The Pledge 25 Photo Courtesy Michael VadonAmericans Turned to Trump to Roll Back the Progressive Tide -Epstein/Wall Street Journal
"What genuinely excites Mr. Trump’s crowds and draws them to him is their shared antiliberalism. By liberalism I do not mean liberalism of the kind that was at the center of our fathers’ Democratic Party - which supported labor unions, civil liberties, racial integration, involvement in international affairs. I refer to the liberalism now metamorphisized into progressivism, at the heart of the thinking of such Democrats as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others. This is the progressivism that edges into socialism, that is said to attract the young, that promises a newer, kinder America - the progressivism that exalts identity politics and has no argument with political correctness.

As one looks upon the people who attend Mr. Trump's rallies, one sees the faces not of Hillary Clinton's 'deplorables'...these people, despite the progressives’ promises to them of free Medicare, free college tuition, and the rest, want nothing to do with Sens. Warren, Sanders, Booker & Co. Quite the reverse: They loathe them....The pull to the left of the Democratic Party is Donald Trump's greatest hope for re-election....And so things go, two ends without a middle. The shame is that most Americans find themselves in that missing middle...Politics has rarely seemed so dismal."