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Protecting Wealth in Today’s America

Written by Staff Writer

20190312095329Protecting Your Wealth in Today’s America -Craig R. Smith/Swiss America
"How you invest your savings requires new thinking. Some once-prudent investment strategies have become high-risk gambles, and those who unwisely still use them may see their capital suffer....The old America was a land of free market capitalism. Business and the state were largely separate. Both of our two dominant political parties were practical, centrist, and pro-capitalist.

People could invest their money with confidence that, whichever side won the next election, little would change in government’s limited taxation and regulation of businesses. The political future was predictable and optimistic for investors....But 19 years into the 21st Century, economic data reveal a foreboding, transforming landscape....A February 2019 Harvard-Harris poll found that 64% of registered voters believe the Democratic Party now supports socialism, not capitalism. And, according to its liberal pollster Mark Penn, 57% of Democrats themselves 'agree that their party is now socialist.'....As America’s wealth is transferred from the productive free market to an anti-productive, ever-bigger government, investors must rethink how and where to put their savings. Consider just a few of the changes affecting traditional investments..." To read the full story, request the Free White Paper