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    Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

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    We will be shifting our podcast focus to concentrate on our TeleMD program (which I intend to expand), finance, and the coming economics crisis in addition to the “GOLD” program offered in conjunction with Swiss America. The new emphasis on finance will give you a more comprehensive understanding of our partnership with Swiss America and the need for gold and silver investing to preserve your personal wealth.

    The expanded focus on economics will introduce additional financial services and products as advisable future investments, including indexed annuities and bitcoin. The coming global technological changes will affect us all in the near future.

    I plan to continue writing a series of hardcover books and ebooks to give you the information and education you will need to understand past, present, and future events. I encourage everyone to get a signed copy from the fast-selling inventory of author’s copies of the 25 books I have published over the past 15 years while they last. My entire collection of author’s copies is available through donations and/or purchases under the “Books” tab that you can access at the top of the home page. My entire collection of author’s copies is being sold on this website.

    — Jerome Corsi

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    The 30 books Dr. Corsi has published since 2004 have changed history, starting with his co-authoring Unfit for Command, the Swift Boat book opposing John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004, to today, when Dr. Corsi played a key role in preserving the Trump presidency by shutting down the Mueller “Russia Collusion” hoax. His books have had a predictive edge, exposing Barack Obama’s socialist past in his 2008 book, The Obama Nation, to his championing in his 2006 book, Black Gold Stranglehold, that the USA could lead the world in the production of oil and natural gas. Since 2004, he has written three books on the danger of “Atomic Iran,” while penning “The Bad Samaritan” exposing the communist origins of the ACLU in the nation’s cultural wars.