Gold and Silver Off to the Races

Written by Swiss America

gold is money 2430051 640Gold off to the races -Kitco
"Gold and silver are taking off to the upside. After struggling for months, the metals seem to have found their bullish footing. For the past three to four weeks, gold and silver were showing some bullish footing. This week, they finally broke out and look to be ready to test the highs. Markets trade in three basic phases - consolidation, trend and blow off.

The Democratic Party Age Divide

Written by Swiss America

Financial DragonsThe Millennials-Versus-Boomers Fight Divides the Democratic Party -The Atlantic
"The United States is a fortress of gerontocracy besieged by a youth rebellion. America's leaders are old - very old. The average age in Congress has never been higher, and our national leaders are all approaching 80...Americans 55 and up account for less than one-third of the population, but they own two-thirds of the nation's wealth...Americans under the age of 40 are historically well educated, peaceful, and law-abiding. But this impressive resume of conscientiousness hasn't translated into much economic or political power....

Prepare Now for the 2020 Crisis

Written by Swiss America

Financial Crisis Image Courtesy of Marco VerchThe Crisis of 2020 -Roach/Project Syndicate
"It doesn't take much to spark corrections in vulnerable economies and markets, and big shocks to highly vulnerable systems are a recipe for crisis...Predicting the next crisis - financial or economic - is a fool's game. Yes, every crisis has its hero who correctly warned of what was about to come...But the record of modern forecasting contains a note of caution: those who correctly predict a crisis rarely get it right again. The source of vulnerability that I worry about the most is the overextended state of central-bank balance sheets...which is essentially a failed policy experiment...

Key to Solving the Climate Crisis

Written by Swiss America

landscape 4684217 640The Key to Solving the Climate Crisis Is Beneath Our Feet -Brown/TruthDig
"The Green New Deal resolution that was introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives in February hit a wall in the Senate, where it was called unrealistic and unaffordable....The problem may be that a transition to 100% renewables is the wrong target. Reversing climate change need not mean emptying our pockets and tightening our belts.

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