A case for creation of The Constitutional Party of Americans

“No country deserves to exist in absence of an idea”

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that emperies are born with a new idea and go to their demise once this idea becomes corrupted and obsolete. And the idea doesn’t have to be noble. It can be sometimes pure evil. Roman Republic, born in freedom, died centuries later as a Roman Empire that rotted at its core in moral turpitude. One has to look at the factors that transformed Roman Republic to Roman Empire and then to oblivion. There are millions of pages written on a subject, that can be summarized in few words- when Senators in Roman Republic started to treat their personal interests above the interest of Rome, the idea of Republic, build on a principle of “Senatus Populus Que Romanus” – the “Senate and the Roman People” died and had to be replaced with the idea of what on surface is unthinkable phenomena – a dictatorial republic, which was successfully implemented by Sulla. These phenomena repeated itself few times in history – The Napoleon’s France is the best example of such, but not for long, as it requires a dictator to have some moral principles. Which, by itself, is highly unusual. And while the original Roman Republic was built on Nobel idea of people’s government- Rome is much more known as an empire of evil, which only goal was to conquer the rest of the world in order to support Rome’s existence. But even that evil empire existed for as long as it’s idea – World domination- was driving Roman Emperors, Senators and plebs. Barbarians only came when Romans as a whole – from Emperor to tavern keeper- become reluctant in conquering new territories and only desired to keep the status quo. For no country or empire has right to exist for the sake of only “Bread and Circuses”.

The United States of America is facing an existential threat of same category from within. The idea of “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness” is dying. It is being replaced with failed many times idea of fake equality. The Idea of Justice for All being replaced with fake idea of so called “Social Justice”. The Idea of “Government of the people by the people for the people” is being replaced by good old Soviet “Union of communists and nonparty.” The truth is that socialist equality can be achieved in only one way – when everybody except of ruling class is equally poor. And that so called “Social Justice” only can result in burning down our cities and businesses and as such is opposite of Justice for All. And that when establishment of both major political parties don’t care about free and honest elections that are stolen before our own eyes, in a Third World fashion, while the Supreme Court hides from enforcing the Constitution, we have allowed ourselves to be ruled by an army of big, fat bureaucrats, who think that “We the people” only applies to them and their families. Everybody knows that democracy dies in darkness. Well, the United States is being besieged by darkness, as entire MSM and Social Media became one big newspaper “Pravda”

No country deserves to exist in absence of idea. We are about to lose our idea and our country.

But Almighty G-d never creates a hopeless situation. With a great challenge usually comes a great opportunity.

President Trump, by far, achieved more in his 4 years in office, then all Presidents of 20th and 21st century combined. He is the only President in History, that did not renege on any of his commitments. He is the only President that delivered over 90 % of his campaign promises. From booming economy to Abraham Accords, from rebuilding the military to making a vaccine happened, from electing conservative justices to firmly placing US as leader of free world once again – every one of his achievements’ is nothing short of miracle from G-d and required every bit of miracle from G-d. And if one look at the fact that he did it in spite of constant sabotage and backstabbing by his “Closest allies”, Constant witch-hunt by Schiffs and Comeys of the world, 24/7 nonstop character assassination by every low life whore of a reporter- be it CNN or Fox News, by constant betrayal of GOP establishment and treachery of his Democratic Party enemies– honestly speaking I am shocked that he can regain his sanity and deal with all of this. So, shame on you, so called, conservatives, who have a nerve to say a word about Presidents’ not so polished reaction and then having a hutzpah of quoting Lincoln’s “We are not enemies, but friends.” Hey, wake up, you intellectual moron.” Tell it to Soros, Obama, Pelosi and other jackals who plotted against Trump from even before he made an announcement to run. Each of President’s Trump achievements is monumental. Combined, they are simply unbelievable. But President Trump greatest achievement is that he rebuilt the dignity of the “Forgotten Man”. He gave people like me – a Jewish immigrant from USSR a real hope. A hope that my journey to freedom is not lost. A hope that I did not run from one communism hell only to find myself in another one. For the hell of communism is not in being poor – that’s just one of bad consequences. The hell is being afraid. Afraid of not even speaking. The hell of communism is being afraid of thinking!

Mr. President! If you proved to us anything – you proved one thing. It is impossible to “Drain the Swamp” from within. You have to do it from outside. Your enormous power is not because you are President. It is because you are most popular President. It is because we love you. And ready to go to barricades for you. All 100 million of us. Ready to follow you. You and us, will never be able to be free under this corrupt GOP/DNC establishment swamp. You have not only an opportunity – you have a moral and G-d given duty, to create a new Constitutional Party of Americans. We the people, deserve better. We deserve better leadership then McConnell and Pelosi. We are the ones that build this country. We are the ones that put our sweat and blood into it. We are the ones that were and are fighting for it. We are the ones that send our children to wars for it. We are not uneducated, racist, white trash scam. We are AMERICANS. White, Black, Spanish, Jewish, Muslim, Chinese – You name it. This country is ours. Not Xi’s and Putin’s. So please hear the case for a new political party and lead us! We are ready. Your so-called advisors telling you that it is a political suicide to break with GOP – that it will all but guarantee Democrats control of all three branches of Government. Which is nonsense. For GOP along with Libertarian Party would have no choice but to run in any election under the umbrella of new party, because Trump party will have more than 60 percent of electorate between Constitutional Party of Americans, GOP and Libertarians. It is done all over the world. The other important point is within months of creating a new Trump party, Radical left will break out of Democratic Party and will create their own. The moment is NOW.

The Constitutional Party of Americans will stand behind President Trump with American patriots welcoming traditional moderates abandoned by the DNC and the middle class abandoned by the GOP, binding together with an increasing number of minorities and immigrants who treasure jobs and family above the bankrupt life offered by government dependency. We the People have risen to create the Constitutional Party of Americans in the same spirit with which Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence. We the People remain sovereign. We the People deserve better than a lying elite seeking to confine us in our homes and feed us dark lies to keep us in fear. We are Americans of all races and all creeds and together we seek the pursuits of our inalienable G-d bestowed rights to live the life of liberty for which so many heroes over previous generations have given their lives, so we, our children, and our grandchildren could live free.

The United States is today experiencing a dramatic realignment of voters. Libertarians have joined Conservatives, patriots have embraced minorities, the Trump Train has rolled to encompass the vast majority of Americans, leaving the DNC and the RNC to commit suicide as both become minority fringe parties that no longer could win the type of honest election the Constitutional Party of Americans demands. If we lose voting integrity, as we are close to doing, we will lose the Constitution, Our Country and our freedom to an “America for Sale” that Communist China will happily buy with money they have stolen from the corrupt politicians, media executives, and Silicon Valley “billionaires” that Beijing today owns. Such an outcome only can be prevented with a birth of new Constitutional Party of Americans. A party that will incorporate the experience of Europe, Israel, Australia of having Blocks of few Right-wing parties winning election after election. It will force the GOP to take second role just because it will have support of majority of electorate. The percentage of congressional, state legislatures, governors and other elected officials’ representation between American Conservative Party, GOP and Libertarians will be proportional to electoral support to each party, with all three parties performing in one Right Block during elections, and all three campaigning for candidates that are approved by all three parties – be that Trump party candidate, GOP or Libertarian. And GOP will have no other way to go, if they want to retain at least 30 percent of their seats. Mr. President, you have grassroots build to bankroll new party. The new party will become a powerhouse from day one. Once you have a party that is behind you, 100 percent, we will be able to move to a second phase of the battle for America. This country cannot exist without an independent media. We will put together a coalition of businesses who would gladly invest in projects of creating new Media and Social Media Corporation. No need to buy Newsmax. The Trump Media Group, lead by Eric, O’Reilly, Levin will be a most successful TV/RADIO/PRINT/SOCIAL MEDIA organization in the World ever, for one reason – it will be the ONLY Media company in the world with NO CENSORHIP at all. How much does that worth Mr. President?! And how much the stock of such a company will appreciate in just 6 months after IPO.

And that is not all. In order for American Dream, American Exceptionalism and American Experiment to stay alive – we need to educate our children. New Party should devote and invest in an arm within it to concentrate exclusively on reaching out to our children, who are now educated by Soros ‘and Obamas of the world not to love this country, but at best to despise it and at worst to hate it.

Mr. President! There is nothing easier then to return to a luxurious live you had. But if we learned anything about Donald John Trump- that’s not going to happen.

Almighty G-d never creates a hopeless situation. With a great challenge usually comes a great opportunity. You are presented with one. It is not just an opportunity. It is your destiny. We are ready.

Yosef Baruch Gelfand