Corsi Nation Mission Statement

Corsi Nation is a worldwide community of passionate Patriots dedicated to the truth and the inalienable Divine rights of all individuals and faiths including the Freedom of the Press, the Freedom to Assemble, the Freedom of Religion, and the Freedom of Speech.
We are dedicated to building a worldwide community of like-minded Patriots dedicated to everyone’s Divine rights and supporting the fulfillment of the Divine reason for being for every man, woman and child.

Start thinking about your own journey. In many ways, you have probably already started. Think like an independent investigator in your own right. Dig for nuggets of  truth and do your own analyses. Provide Corsi Nation with ideas, perspectives, and improvement suggestions. Enable us to form a team of dedicated truth seekiers. There is much work to be done to preserve our freedoms, and your participation is key.

There are any number of ways you may be held back from achieving your destiny. The Deep State, golabilists, and other nefarious entities do not want you to discover and reveal the truth. The best way to combat the forces of darkness and evil is to educate yourself. Working together we can achieve personal, national, and international freedom and unity. It doesn’t end with citizen journalism. In the spirit of Winston Churchill, what we have already achieved is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is merely the end of the beginning. Our journey starts here. God bless, and we pray you will join Corsi Nation.