President Donald Trump returned to the White House, having quickly defeated the Communist Chinese Wuhan Virus, and said Americans are “learning to live” with COVID-19 just like the seasonal flu.

The Media attack Trump, comparing him to Mussolini and a Russian Tsar.

President Trump has ordered White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to move forward with the declassification of the smoking gun documents that formed the predicate for the Trump-Russia HOAX. The delay in the release of these vital documents may be due to CIA Director Haspel, who was CIA London Station Chief from 2014 to early 2017, and may have played a key role in using the FBI to approach DEEP State operatives Stefan Halper and Joseph Mifsud to target Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. All signs point to an FBI-designed foreign counterintelligence operation, against Team Trump, launched from the UK.

US State Department officials broke the law by monitoring Americans during Ukraine scandal. One of the prime culprits: disgraceful former Obama Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie “Hair on Fire” Masha Yovanovitch, who created an “enemies list.” Masha was a key witness in the trumped-up Ukraine phone call farce which resulted in the political impeachment Coup attempt, for which all participants including Charlie need to be prosecuted.

“Collusion,” all roads lead to Hillary Clinton and her Cabal of Clowns. DNI John Ratcliffe now has all of the tools to expose the crimes, unmask the perpetrators, and begin to bring the Cabal to justice from bottom to top. The rats can run, but they cannot hide. It’s hammer time. Finally the Leftist operatives pretending to be public servants in the DOJ, such as Mueller American Inquisition Persecutors Extraordinaire, Andrew Weissmann and Aaron Zelinski are in the crosshairs.

Dr. Corsi begins a series of broadcasts exposing the truth behind the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy on December 7, 1941.

Dr. Corsi interviews Boris, who continues to expose the hidden agendas behind the Coup against President Trump, the disruption of the US election process, and an underhanded maneuver to enable Russian President Vladimir Putin to put his real puppet, Barack Hussein Obama, back in the White House.

Last night in Salt Lake City, Vice President Mike Pence fracked Democrat Socialist Kamala Harris.

Pence was calm, cool, and collected as he drilled Harris and broke through her human shield, “moderator” Susan Page.

Harris on the other hand was evasive, duplicitous, confused, harried, and lie-prone…that is, when she was not disavowing the Harris/Biden base by promising not eliminate fracking, prompting AOC to Tweet that fracking is bad, absolutely. Not good to spank your supporters.

Refusing to answer whether or not she and her co-President would pack the Supreme Court, the answer is obviously a clear, YES!

Harris tried to make the false and laughable claim that she and Sleepy would not raise taxes, and Pence pounced, retorting that Biden has already clearly stated he would reverse the Trump tax decreases…eliminating a decrease results in an increase, even Willie Brown should have taught Harris that fact.

Democrat Socialist Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy “The Gavel” Pelosi, has clearly lost her mind…perhaps from inhaling her own exhaust gases due to that hideous fruit salad adorned face mask. Pelosi is talking about invoking the 25th Amendment against President Trump.

The President’s medical restrictions will be removed tomorrow, enabling him to hold rallies and debates.

Featured in this video: “The Plan: To Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency”