President Trump held five more rallies, campaign reaching a crescendo as the Harris/Biden disaster mini-tour turns full Communist. Anarchist group planning to shut down Washington DC in anticipation of President Trump’s re-election. Subversive political activists embedded in all govt agencies, plotting to continue the Coup. Kamala Harris conflates equality with equity and arrives at a Communist inspired irrational notion that imposing the same outcomes is what matters, not providing equal opportunity.

Joe Biden appeared on stage and struggled to produce a single understandable thought. EPIC FAIL. Although the FAKE polls show Biden winning, sampling that takes into account the real factors that will determine the outcome of this race show a much different outcome. Despite the attempts of the Dems and their propaganda wing, the Mainstream Media to lie, cheat and steal the election, President Trump will win in a landslide…capturing both the electoral and popular vote. A court filing shows Joe Biden has been listed as a witness in his son Hunter’s fraud case. For the first time in history, even devout Rabbis are openly endorsing President Trump for re-election.

The national election took place yesterday. Republicans have maintained their margin in the Senate, narrowed the Democrat lead in the House, and under normal circumstances, President Trump would have been declared the winner last night. President Trump is ahead in the vote in all of the remaining Democrat-lead states that have paused their ballot counting. The Democrats manufacturing fraudulent ballots to flip the states…election outcome hangs in the balance. President Trump resolute, once again Democrats are resorting to fraud to steal an election, but indicating the issue will be resolved by the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden: Democrats launched greatest voter fraud effort in American history.  President Trump assembled legal “A Team” to ensure the Democrat election crimes exposed & President Trump’s win is secured. Dr. Corsi clearly stated how the process, per the Constitution, works in ways that enable President Trump to prevail at every step – from local legal challenges, to the electoral college, to the Supreme Court, President Trump wins at every stage. Democrat fraud machine using massive criminal actions to steal the election including pausing the vote count to determine just how many votes they needed to manufacture to overcome Trump’s leads…4:00am, the fake Biden votes arrived. Video evidence, whistleblower accounts, etc of voter fraud. Only every legal vote will count.

In the end, God always wins.

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