Dr. Corsi explains the changes to the Trump legal team, what we can expect in the days ahead, and how President Trump will be declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential race.

Absolute proof that President Trump won re-election the night of 11/3/20, only to have the election stolen, albeit just temporarily in the eyes of darkness, is being revealed.

Dr. Corsi interviewed Russell Ramsland, co-founder of Allied Security Operations https://asog.us/ . What you are about to see and hear validates claims that the American voting system is not only vulnerable to manipulation, but every assurance you have heard that the 2020 Presidential election results were valid and must be quickly accepted is a lie. Not just a lie, but a damn lie from the pit of hell.

With expert, truthful information, such as that presented by Mr. Ramsland, the 2020 Biden “win” must be overturned. The only question…what is the remedy?

Donald Trump always looks like he’s going to lose just before he wins.

In the end God always wins.

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