The Mayor of Atlanta finally calls for rioters, looters, and insurrectionists masquerading as protesters to leave the area where felon Rayshard Brooks died after fighting with police and pointing a deadly weapon at the face of one of the officers, now that an 8-year-old black girl is murdered by those “protestors.”

The Left is at war with America and all of our freedoms are at stake. It is not new, as demonstrated by this quote from a formerly devoted communist: “The American people have got to stop fooling around with just fighting communism in the abstract. They have got to know what the thing means, why they are against it, and how to fight it.” —Bella Dodd, Testimony to the HCUA, 1953

But it is more dangerous and deadly than ever. Convoys of ANTIFA and other militants are on the move. Experiments in Seattle and Portland have enabled them to take their violence to the next level as they met little resistence and even support from Democrat Governors and Mayors. Next stop: Atlanta…it burned in 1865, and if the communists have their way it will burn again in 2020.

There are reports and photographs emerging depicting a column of heavily armed black men marching down a road near the monument in Stone Monument Park in Georgia. Pro-Palestinian protestors have joined with Black Lives Matter to demand the destruction of the United States. The founder of Black Lives Matter admits that he and the other leaders are trained Marxists. “We actually do have an ideological frame… we are trained Marxists.” – Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder

BLM is a hate group dedicated to the violent overthrow of the USA and the death of anyone who stands in their way of achieving that diabolical end. BLM condemns, threatens, and labels entire groups instead of holding specific people responsible for their actions.

Racism and racists exist, but Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would say today as he did through his entire life, that hate and violence is not only not the answer, but is from the pit of Hell. In the mold of previous communist-based movements, BLM agitates, tears down, creates chaos, divides, and destroys. It is all about power and control…their power and their control. BLM members are broken, lost, and enemies of humanity. Of course God still loves them and if they repen and come to Him they can still be saved. “For you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal 3:28) But who knows for how long?

Never in American history has there been a more persistent and diabolical conspiracy to remove a duly elected president from office. President Trump must take bold and decisive action to defeat this assault. The parallels between General Patton and President Trump are clear, as are the similarities between the Battle of the Bulge and the current Battle to Save Trump.

In December 1944, the Nazi fascists launched a final all-out attack against American forces lulled into thinking that peace was at hand, rolling Tiger tanks through the woods to over-run unprepared allied soldiers.

In July, 2020, all forces of darkness: Maoist communists, Dems, BLM, the Medocracy, Islamists, RHINO’s, and the rest of the army of the Left have rallied together to take down Trump first, then the Constitution, then the Bill of Rights. Patriots will be rounded up and sent to FEMA re-education camps, the compliant will become slaves, the irredeemable deplorables will be eliminated. Conspiracy theory?

Review in your mind all that has taken place since citizen Trump descended the escalator in Trump Tower and declared he would run for President in 2016. Is it possible that the attack on General Flynn, the false Trump-Russia claim, the fake Trump-Ukraine Impeachment, the COVID take down of the world and resulting lock down of the USA, the Democrat Governor/Mayor continuation of the lockdown, CHAZ/CHOP etc. is all unconnected and by chance? Or a carefully planned military-style operation from the start?

You decide, but decide quickly, time is running out, for President Trump, America, and you.

Featured in this video “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency”