In his new ebook, “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency,” Dr. Corsi clearly explains the ultimate goal of the forces of darkness aligned against the President: Removal of President Trump By Either Resignation Or Implementation Section IV of 25th Amendment.

Dr. Corsi interviews broadcaster Lonnie Poindexter, Pastor Stephen Broden & Dr. Karladine Graves about the attack on our nation by the various evil forceslined up behind Black Lives Matter. A gang of thugs masquerading as protestors intends to descend on Lincoln Park in Washington D.C. tomorrow to tear down a memorial statue that was initiated and paid for by former slaves in 1867 to commemorate their overcoming the darkness of southern Democrat slavery through their emancipation by Republican President Abraham Lincoln.

While all open eyes have been focused on Wuhan, there is something dark going on in the state of Kazakhstan. The former soviet state has been dealing with their own COVID-19 crisis by extending its second lockdown through the end of July. A few media outlets are reporting the disturbing statistics, but most are not paying attention to what could actually be the release of the next and more virulent strain of this illness, as Dr. Corsi predicted in his ebook, “COVID-20 The Coming Killer Coronavirus” available here President Trump is making bold and correct changes to ensure he wins re-election and continues to push back against the darkness.

The president has promoted Bill Stepien to run his re-election campaign after Jared Kushner’s top pick Brad Parscale failed to realize Communist Chinese bots, BLM, and other nefarious forces were punking the campaign by gobbling up rally tickets and using other dirty tricks. Is it possible that any day now General Flynn will be releaced from his political prison and re-join the administration? If Vice President Mike Pence does not quickly and strongly affirm his allegiance to the president, it would be prudent for President Trump to replace Pence with Flynn as the VP for the 2020 Republican ticket.

Disturbing news continues to come from Kazakhstan (reported only in the Russian press) that a COVID outbreak, perhaps the one Dr. Corsi predicted in his ebook: “COVID-20: The Coming Killer Coronavirus” is worsening.

If it is in fact COVID-20 (an even more deadly form of coronavirus released in ordeer to find its way to America right before the election, will an election even be allowed to take place? Several studies have now been published, with more coming out on a daily baisis, proving that HCQ+ Zinc is not only an effective treatment tool upon contracting the illness, it is an effective prophylaxis. Six major studies have been released already just this month, showing positive clinical studies of hydroxychloroquine.

Three of the studies were performed here in America, and the others in India, Brazil, and Portugal. Hezbollah is working with Mexican cartels to smuggle weapons and jihadis into the U.S. They work with street gangs and prison gangs to move product & people. Hence my counter-terrorism analysts are consistently tracking activity at the border.

As BLM violently attacks peaceful church goers here in the US, and BLM in the UK has alligned with the PLO, this is a world-wide army of darkness with a battle plan in action to destroy all of Western civilization. At first, BLM presented itself as merely a reaction to the George Floyd death.

White guilt and corporate virtue signalling kicked in, and the movement was off to the races. Flush with donations, either from the destroy America crowd or ignorant contributors who actually believe they are giving to a legitimate cause. Now it is completely apparent that BLM is a Communist front, founded and funded by dark forces.

The leaders of BLM are dedicated “Marxists” (per their own admissions), terrorists, and violent lesbians dedicated to the eradication of heterosexuals and white people, while at the same time alligning with other God-hating anarchists to destroy civil order and impose their will upon the survivors of their mayhem. The demonic forces in motion are comprised of differing nefarious gangs drawn together to destroy a common enemy made up of law abiding Christians, defenders of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and supporters of law and order.

ANTIFA is 90% white and is burning black neighborhoods and businesses.

BLM does not care about black lives snuffed out on the streets of Chicago or in the abortion clinics.

BLM is now alligned with radical Islamists (Hezbollah, CAIR, etc.).

The Democrats are now slaves to the Communists in their own ranks masquerading as “Democrat Socialists” while vowing to burn down the country.

Featured in this video: “Rage, Race, and Riots in the Year of COVID-19 Pandemic”