CorsiNation is now livestreaming on Dr. Zev Zelenko: “6% of patients on Remdesivir developed dangerous heart arrhythmias. 0% developed arrhythmias from hcq outside of the icu. Hcq is 1000’s of times safer than Remdesivir. As the saying goes, accuse the other of what you are guilty of.”

Millions in London and Berlin take to the streets in actual peaceful protests against pedophilia. You can’t make this up…medical researchers are endeavoring to re-engineer human beings using “Luciferase.”

The darkness is in the open as they name their effort after Lucifer. DNI Ratcliffe is working with US Attorney John Durham to declassify more documents that will hopefully become the basis of indictments against the entire Obama administration mob.

Joe Biden popped his head out of his basement long enough to clearly state: “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.” For once, truth flows from his mouth, as we must take heed of his warning and ensure a #Trump2020Lansdlide. Dr. Corsi was sent proof that Twitter is using a search suggestion ban, search ban, and reply deboosting against his account. Lawsuits against the social media tyrants to follow.

A Democrat operative confirms that Democrats have been using voter fraud for decades, and have drastically ramped up their illegal activity to try to topple President Trump.

Dr. Zev (Dr. Vladimir Zelenko) joins the broadcast and once again reveals his God-given dedication to saving lives as he developed and continues to promote “The Zelenko Protocol,” a concept and approach that has saved many lives. The keys: Varying treatment based upon a specific patient’s situation; prophylaxis and early treatment; Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc, Quercetin, EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate); and the grace of God.

President Trump has ordered his department heads to begin the process of de-funding cities that have become “anarchist jurisdictions.” Specifically, New York City, Seattle, Portland, and Washington D.C. are to be stripped of federal financial support as they continue to destroy themselves. The increased ability to work remotely has enabled many organizations to keep operating using online tools. That trend will only continue as many Democrat governors and mayors continue their illegitimate shut downs of business in order to decrease President Trump’s support. Why live and work on a Democrat plantation when you can be paid to provides services regardless of your physical location? Joe Biden was dragged out of his basement bunker just long enough to travel to Kenosha Wisconsin so a supposed supporter could be handed a short script to parrot, which she refused. Now that all of the district attorneys in Democrat states have been exposed as far left activists as they continue to use catch and release with violent ANTIFA/BLM thugs, the DOJ is now entering the scene, charging the murderers, arsonists, and others with real crimes.

The sharp “V” shaped curve recovery is well under way. The American economy added over 1 million new jobs in August, as unemployment fell to 8.4%. Having published almost 3,000 scientific articles in PubMed.”

The California legislature has passed a bill to lower penalties for sexual relations with minors, which will quickly be signed by Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Featured in this video: “Rage, Race, and Riots in the Year of COVID-19 Pandemic”