Joe Biden’s evil scientist pals continue to demonize Hydroxychloroquine because President Donald Trump said it might work as a preventative and early stage treatment of covid. So immediately, all forces of darkness: Democrats, medocracy, MSM, et al have dug a pit from which they will not emerge, one that condemns thousands to death as they lay the ground work for a vaccine and behavior controlling future to which they seek to impose their tyranny world-wide. Yet, deaths due to the Chinese Communist Party COVID-19 are declining, as Dr. Corsi predicted six months ago. The next stage in people control is being rolled out as the COVI-PASS immunity passport is ready for rollout in 15 countries.

In Joe de Blasio’s NYC Manhattan ghetto, over 13,000 apartments are empty as the survivors flee in droves. Welcome to the Democrat plan for US all.

As Joe Biden attempts to fool the public by denying most of his previously held, and always wrong, positions on all major issues, it is obvious that the public is not buying his latest deception and the Biden/Harris train wreck continues to unfold. However, massive voter fraud, a Democrat multi-pronged and well-honed process, developed over many decades is gearing up for its ultimate assault on America.

Dr. Corsi interviewed author Kenneth Timmerman regarding his new novel, “The Election Heist.” Mostly written last year, it yet accurately depicts where we are headed as November 3 nears. The Left is using every weapon in its vast arsenal of election stealing techniques: mail-in voting abuse, cyber hacking, Democrat operatives as poll “watchers,” ANTIFA in the streets and in our face, and all other manners of ensuring their ends are accomplished through any means. Unfortunately, the Left’s ends means the end of America.

Joe Biden proves on a daily basis that he has become disconnected from reality. Now he falsely claims that 6,114 military service members died from COVID-19; however the actual number Is 7. Another Biden whopper immediately ignored by the propaganda branch of the DNC, the mainstream media. Biden’s devolution has made a dramatic impact on his public appearances. When Sleepy Joe arrived in Michigan yesterday, was he greeted by a throng of supporters…well, yes, Trump supporters chanting four more years. Biden supporters…none.

The Democrat mail-in ballot vote fraud juggernaut blew a tire yesterday as a federal judge has blocked a new Tennessee law that attempted to limit mail-in balloting without an ID. Both Dr. Zev (Vladimir Zelenko) and President Trump advisor Peter Navarro are tweeting up a storm to reveal the truth about the efficacy of using Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc as a preventative and early stage treatment for covid.

BLM rioters, looters, and murderers attack peaceful patrons at restaurants in Rochester New York as the Left-wing violence perpetrated to destroy America continues. Bob Woodward has written a new book, “Rage,” in which pre-release excerpts include a discussion between former Defense Secretary under President Trump, General James Mattis, and then Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, the topic: A plot to launch a coup and overthrow the elected government of the United States. Kamala Harris was greeted yesterday in Miami by a crowd cheering for four more years for President Trump, and chanting “No Communista” to the Marxist Democrat VP wannabe. So disappointing when people who know communism first had are all against it, right Kamala? Bill Ayers, Weather Underground terrorist turned academic, and presumed writer of the book “Dreams From My Father” with Barack Hussein Obama’s name on the cover, believes a civil war has already begun. Perhaps he’s just trying to relive his “glory” days of his misspent youth during the ’60s when he blew up police stations with fellow terrorist and then “law” professor Bernardine Dohrn.

Featured in this video: “Rage, Race, and Riots in the Year of COVID-19 Pandemic”