FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai has released a statement following the Digital Twin Towers strike on American free speech yesterday. Twitter et al have pulled out all the stops to discriminate against the Right and to use illegal means to drag Sleepy Joe Biden over the finish line. EPIC FAIL

The Satanists of Silicon Valley have used Bill Clinton’s Section 230 to cloak themselves in invincibility pretending to be mere platforms for content, when they are blatant Leftist shills, making them publishers, and subject to prosecution for violating the law.

The Hunter Biden materials retrieved and revealed from his abandoned laptop is just the tip of the iceberg, more coming daily.

China owns The Biden Crime Family, and if Joe is elected, they will collect on their investment BIG TIME.

The FBI has been hiding that laptop for almost a year, and threatened the PC repair guy if he were to talk. The Comey Gang is alive and well as the now Feckless Bunch of Ideologues ensures unequal injustice continues.

True professionals like John Ligato, former G-man and patriot, weep at the loss of integrity…tune in at 1:30pm Eastern today as Agent Ligato discusses his book “The Comey Gang.”

Rioters, anarchists, looters, and murderers roam free in Portland and other Democrat mismanaged cities as US AG Barr sleeps. Trust Sessions all over again.

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