EXPOSED: The Biden Crime Family

The truth is finally coming out, and it’s official…The Biden Crime Family has outdone even The Clinton Crime Family. The impeachment Coup against President Trump was designed to divert attention from both the Biden & Clinton crimes sprees, while covering up, among other juicy bits of treachery:

Uranium 1 – Clinton, Mueller et al

Benghazi – Clinton, Obama et al

Burisma – Hunter, Joe et al

Communist China – Hunter spreads his wings

President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani has the facts, and money laundering through Latvia, and additional shoes to drop including crimes in Russia will surface soon. Where is the DOJ?

The walls are closing in on Sleepy Joe as he has placed perhaps a permanent lid on his failing run for President/Senate while Harris longs for the good old days serving under Willie Brown.

From a Tara Reade expose (accused Joe of sexual assault), to a true CIA whistleblower sending terabytes of data to the White House, the race for President has come down to two distinct choices: the light (President Trump) or the darkness (Biden & Co). Choose wisely, our lives depend on it.

It appears the Jewish community has already chosen – 83% of the Orthodox are voting for President Trump. 13% are still lost in darkness.

Silicon Valley has declared war on the truth, but the tech tyrants, now naked, have overplayed their hand.

Red states (Republican): combined unemployment rate 6.6%.

Blue states (Democrat): combined unemployment rate 10.5%.

You do the math.

Dr. Harvey Risch, MD continues in his devotion to save lives promoting the use of HCQ + Zinc and “herd immunity” while the darkness persists in the counter-intuitive and inhumane pursuit of isolation, masks, and destitution.

World Bank presses the G20 to relieve the mountain of debt poor nations have incurred at the hands of the Communist Chinese Belt & Road Initiative, while the CCP refuses to participate in action to forgive its debtors.

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