Joe Biden was dragged out of his basement bunker just long enough to travel to Kenosha Wisconsin so a supposed supporter could be handed a short script to parrot, which she refused. Now that all of the district attorneys in Democrat states have been exposed as far left activists as they continue to use catch and release with violent ANTIFA/BLM thugs, the DOJ is now entering the scene, charging the murderers, arsonists, and others with real crimes. The sharp “V” shaped curve recovery is well under way.

The American economy added over 1 million new jobs in August, as unemployment fell to 8.4%. According to French, filmmaker Filipe Rafaeli, “Everyone who says it works is censored and attacked Professor Didier Raoult, an infectologist from Marseille, France, proposed treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, an antibiotic. Didier is an award-winning scientist in his community.

He has a high level international reputation. Having published almost 3,000 scientific articles in PubMed.” The California legislature has passed a bill to lower penalties for sexual relations with minors, which will quickly be signed by hairmistress Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Featured in this video: “The Little Red Book of Democrat Socialist Lies”