Dr. Corsi interviews broadcaster Lonnie Poindexter, Pastor Stephen Broden & Dr. Karladine Graves about the attack on our nation by the various evil forceslined up behind Black Lives Matter.

A gang of thugs masquerading as protestors intends to descend on Lincoln Park in Washington D.C. tomorrow to tear down a memorial statue that was initiated and paid for by former slaves in 1867 to commemorate their overcoming the darkness of southern Democrat slavery through their emancipation by Republican President Abraham Lincoln.

Mr. Poindexter and other patriots of all skin colors and backgrounds will be there tomorrow to push back against the madness.

Pastor Broden makes the strong case that we must stop the forces of communism and “One World Order” from destroying the greatest country on earth.

Featured in this video “Rage, Race, and Riots in the Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic”