Dr. Corsi continues his series of interviews with Stephen Coughlin of http://www.unconstrainedanalytics.com

In 2016, Stephen Coughlin and Rich Higgins wrote “Defeating the Islamic Movement Inside the United States https://unconstrainedanalytics.org/defeating-the-islamic-movement-inside-the-united-states-a-strategic-plan/ in which they identified the alliance between the SPLC/Antifa/BLM left and the Muslim Brotherhood in “united front” terms along the lines we see today.

Today, Coughlin is developing a presentation on “The Praxis/Dialogue Process” which combines a historical summary of the evolution of Communism with pictoral descriptions of exactly what the different levels of the progression from political and social dissatisfaction to large scale guerrilla action.

We are well along the way to the endpoint, with both overt and covert pressures against our represenative republic morphing into riots and violent demonstrations.

Featured in this video: “Rage, Race, and Riots in the Year of COVID-19 Pandemic”