Build the Wall

HESCO Terrablock is the answer!

While President Trump has taken steps to secure the southern border with Mexico, the Democrats in Congress have resisted administration efforts to fund and build a wall along the entire border. At present, some 650 miles of the southern border have barriers that block people and vehicles, there still remains some 1,350 miles (approximately 65 percent of the total southern border) that have no barrier whatsoever.

Much of the remaining 1,350 miles of unsecured border, largely in Texas, involves difficult, often mountainous terrain, with much of the border defined by the Rio Grande River. Building a fixed-steel 35-foot wall in this terrain will not only be difficult but expensive. supports the implementation of a solution that involves using Terrablock, a perimeter-defense product that HESCO has developed for military applications. HESCO barriers are very popular with the U.S. Military. The U.S. military has utilized some 30,000 miles of various HESCO barriers to provide perimeter-security in forward deployment bases in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Larger HESCO Terrablock walls can even resist rocket-propelled grenade attacks.

Terrablock can be enhanced by barbed-wire and/or razor wire. Unlike the steel wall being constructed, TERRABLOCK is designed to include PERIMETER INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM (PIDS) motion sensors to detect activity at the perimeter, including efforts to scale or tunnel under.

Completing the southern border wall with a 35-feet steel barrier wall is estimated to cost $22 billion. With a construction rate of 6 miles/day, putting the steel barrier all in place will take approximately 4 years. While the steel wall barrier is being put in place, the Terrablock solution can secure the southern border with a flexible, movable solution by Election Day, November 6, 2020, at a cost of $1 billion.

HESCO Terrablock is a 21st Century wall. FAST. FLEXIBLE. AFFORDABLE. SECURE as well as Military Tested and Civilian Approved. HESCO’s motto is: “We Stop Everything”Terrablock currently protects power grids worldwide.

Reliable and requiring low maintenance, HESCO products are a proven technology, used in civilian applications ranging from flood control to crowd management to providing critical facility security.