Communist China never stops or even slows down in its quest to destroy US and dominate the world. As the Communist Chinese Party Wuhan Virus continues to ravage most countries, The Communists are now moving aggressively in the Middle East, creating an alliance with the Palestinians and other bad actors in that area.

Fauci et al continue to promote their death cult as they relentlessly demonize Hydrozychloroquine and Zinc while international study show countries using the Zelenko Protocol (early use of HCQ + Zinc) had almost 80% fewer deaths. In other words, over 100,000 American lives would have been saved if not for the MSM/Dem/Medicracy conspiracy to prevent the prevention in order to take down President Trump.

The Institute of Judicial Conduct was created by Manuel P. Asensio who discovered the political rule that families, parents and children have no right to access federal courts to protect their constitutional liberties under in US court against corrupt state bar associations, state judges and state politicians.

Featured in this video: “COVID-20: The Coming Killer Coronavirus”