Dr. Corsi proves the Army of Darkness (Dems, MSM, GS, et al) has been fully depolyed after decades of the run up to their all out last ditch effort to destroy US all. President Trump must act decisively and quickly or all may be lost. Time to call up the military as even the National Guard has been infiltrated with sympathizers of evil.

Conservative Treehouse: Anger Games Night 8 – Former President Obama Has Cured The COVID Virus To Facilitate Five Days of Mass Gatherings and George Floyd Memorials…

Project Veritas rips the veil of secrecy off the face ot the evil that is ANTIFA

ANTIFA: In light of recent events, Project Veritas today released a video exposing the violent nature of the controversial group known as “Antifa.” Nicholas Cifuni, Rose City Antifa: “Practice Things Like an Eye Gouge, it Takes Very Little Pressure to Injure Someone’s Eyes.”

Nicholas Cifuni, Rose City Antifa: “Police Are Going to Be Like: ‘Perfect, We Can Prosecute These [Antifa] F**kers, Look How Violent They Are.’ And Not That We [Antifa] Aren’t, But We Need to F**king Hide That Sh*t.” Nicholas Cifuni, Rose City Antifa: “Consider Like, Destroying Your Enemy. Not Like Delivering a Really Awesome Right Hand, Right Eye, Left Eye Blow You Know. It’s Not Boxing, It’s Not Kickboxing, It’s Like Destroying Your Enemy.”

Disgraced former US Attorney General and key Coup plotter, Rod Rosenstein, appears before his worshipping fans in the Senate Judiciary Committee, adopts the Sergeant Schultz “I know nothing” defense and quickly descends into finger pointing at his accomplices – Comey, McCabe, and the whole sorry crowd of cowards and traitors.

Featured in this video “The Plan: To Remove Donald Truump From the Presidency