TeleMDs Strategy to Combat COVID-19

Dr. Corsi has conducted a series of “deep dive” interviews with licensed physicians who have provided evidence that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with Zinc is proving to be an effective treatment for those suffering from COVID-19 as well as preventive effects for those who are not infected. If you view the interviews below, you will see licensed physicians acknowledge that HCQ is not a medication affirmed by government medical officials to have been proven effective in combating COVID-19 because to date no rigorous scientifically controlled random assignment experiments have been conducted testing HCQ against COVID-19.
Yet, the physicians also explain that since 1945, HCQ has been a recommended treatment and preventative for malaria. After decades of medical doctors prescribing HCQ for malaria patients, the physicians we interviewed generally feel HCQ is a “safe” medication when prescribed by a medical doctor. The MDs expressed in the interviews their acceptance of MDs prescribing “off label” medications (i.e., those not specifically proven to be effective for a particular disease), has partnered with for them to provide their telemedicine consultations with licensed physicians able to prescribe HCQ for both a treatment and as a prophylactic as needed against COVID-19, as the MDs deem fit to do so.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is the Medical Advisor for this TeleMD program.

Dr. Zelenko does not receive compensation from the TeleMD program and he does not serve in any official corporate position.
The TeleMD program is NOT political. TeleMD is open to all people on an equal basis, regardless of political perspective, race, gender, or age.

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“My Ph.D. is in political science from Harvard University in 1972. I am not a medical doctor and I do not give medical advice. On, all medical advice will be from qualified licensed physicians participating with” – Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.