TeleMDs Strategy to Combat COVID-19

Dr. Corsi has conducted a series of “deep dive” interviews with licensed physicians who have provided evidence that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with Zinc is proving to be an effective treatment for those suffering from COVID-19 as well as preventive effects for those who are not infected. If you view the interviews below, you will see licensed physicians acknowledge that HCQ is not a medication affirmed by government medical officials to have been proven effective in combating COVID-19 because to date no rigorous scientifically controlled random assignment experiments have been conducted testing HCQ against COVID-19.
Yet, the physicians also explain that since 1945, HCQ has been a recommended treatment and preventative for malaria. After decades of medical doctors prescribing HCQ for malaria patients, the physicians we interviewed generally feel HCQ is a “safe” medication when prescribed by a medical doctor. The MDs expressed in the interviews their acceptance of MDs prescribing “off label” medications (i.e., those not specifically proven to be effective for a particular disease), has partnered with for them to provide their telemedicine consultations with licensed physicians able to prescribe HCQ for both a treatment and as a prophylactic as needed against COVID-19, as the MDs deem fit to do so.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is the Medical Advisor for this TeleMD program.

Dr. Zelenko does not receive compensation from the TeleMD program and he does not serve in any official corporate position.
The TeleMD program is NOT political. TeleMD is open to all people on an equal basis, regardless of political perspective, race, gender, or age.

This QR links to the TeleMD program. If you have a QR Reader on your cell phone, merely point it at the image and it will provide you with further information. If you post the QR below in your community, we will let America know a TeleMD is available at a reasonable price to evaluate medically your need (including prevention) for Dr. Zelenko’s protocol calling for the prescription of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc (with antibiotics as needed) to treat or to provide prophylaxis for COVID-19. Prescriptions written by TeleMDs can be legally fulfilled by a qualified national pharmacy and expressed to your home in an expedited manner.

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FEATURED INTERVIEW Interviews With Physicians

IDr. Lee Vliet & Dr. Karladine Graves
Debunking FDA’s Latest Lies About HCQ

Dr. Andrew Bostom
A Deep Statistical Analysis of HCQ

IDr. Vladimir Zelenko & Dr. Karladine Graves
Discovering HCQ Fights COVID-19

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko & Dr. Karladine Graves
A Plea for the Effectiveness of HCQ

Dr. Andrew Bostom:
COVID-19 Lethality
Unhysterical Data Are Emerging

Dr. Rob Steele & Dr. Karladine Graves
A Cardiologist’s Take on HCQ and COVID-19

Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Vicki Wooll, Dr. Karladine Graves
The Importance of Testing for COVID-19

Andrew Schlafly, J.D., Dr. Karladine Graves
Legal Issues Regarding Prescribing HCQ for COVID-19

Speak With A TeleMD

Schedule a Telemedicine doctor consultation from anywhere in the USA on YOUR schedule

TeleMDs are prepared to consult with you on HCQ and COVID-19. Prescriptions written by TeleMDs will be delivered to you ASAP, generally within 24-hours.

All patient information is maintained solely by in accordance with all HIPAA privacy rules as set by U.S. laws and government regulations. Patient privacy information is not shared with TeleMD Telethon April 25-26, 2020

ISaturday April 25, Hour #1
How the TeleMD Program Works,
Enabling Physicians to Connect with Patients to Consider Meds

Saturday April 25, Hour #2
Arthur of Describes his
Experience with COVID-19 and Hydroxychloroquine

ISaturday April 25, Hour #3
Dr. Graves Explains How Physicians World-wide Are Using Hydroxycholorquine to Treat Patients Suffering From COVID-19

Saturday April 25, Hour #4
Dr. Graves Shares That Studies in Many Countries
Show that Hydroxychloroquine is Effective and Safe

ISunday April 26, Hour #1
Dr. Andrew Bostom Shares Data & Statistical Anayses to Debunk
FAKE NEWS & Hysterical Misinformation About Hydroxychloroquine

Sunday April 26, Hour #2
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Dr. Leah Houston, and Dr. Karladine Graves
Compare Their Experiences with COVID-19 & HCQ

ISunday April 26, Hour #3
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Shares Genesis of His HCQ + Zinc Protocol
Dr. Leah Houston: Passionate Plea For Physician Independence

Wednesday, April 29
Dr. James Todaro and Dr. Karladine Graves:
Open America Again

“My Ph.D. is in political science from Harvard University in 1972. I am not a medical doctor and I do not give medical advice. On, all medical advice will be from qualified licensed physicians participating with” – Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.