Orange County California is leading the way out of the darkness. A grassroots organization successfully pushed to revoke the mask mandate, enabling all people to make their personal decision whether or not, and when or not, to wear masks. At the same time, on a 4-1 vote, the Orange County Board of Education, voted last Monday to recommend that students return to traditional classrooms, without being forced to wear masks, as local schools open again in August.

Yet, it is up to all of US to push back against federal and state health guidelines pressing for continued lockdowns. Of course the Marxist Screaming Media immediately tried to shout down the freedom movement. The former Soviet state, the Republic of Kazakhstan, is experiencing a COVID outbreak that even attacks the respiratory systems of the young, as Dr. Corsi predicted in his ebook: “COVID-20: The Coming Killer Coronavirus” Has the COVID-20 bioweapon already been released in time to infect America before the election? Is it possible an election will not even take place?

Patriots must stay strong, stay united, and push back against the darkness.

Thousands of scientists and doctors are now publicly denouncing Fauci’s pronouncements and edicts, but the Marxist Screaming Media protects the little man who is always wrong. The Democrat Socialists, having succeeded with their election experiment in 2018, using vote harvesting and other nefarious schemes to win seats in the House of Representatives, have taken their incidious game to the next level.

Far Left activists are winning in Democrat primaries throughout the country and are set to take on RINOs and other weak Republicans in November.

Featured in this video: “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency”