All signs indicate mail in voting will be the end of fair elections in the US. Many postal workers are leftist activists, so add one-way bias to list of issues: incompetence, lack of speed and efficiency, antiquated systems. The result is a witch’s brew of poison for the election…as born out by history, as in 2016, the US Postal Service as a whole violated the Hatch Act to try to drag Hillary Clinton over the finish line.

One third of black voters indicate they are less likely to vote Democrat now that QueMala Harris is the VP candidate.

Dr. George Fareed and two other doctors sent an open letter to Fauci containing a laundry list of questions attesting to the wrong-headedness of his actions.

Democrat Governors who formerly banned Hydroxychloroquine are now either reversing their stance #FauciLiedPeopleDied or are hoarding it. The Fareed open letter asks Fauci if he has taken HCQ.

The US economy cannot sustain the tripling of the debt since Obama became president, and Pelosi’s moves to print money until the government runs out of paper.

Gold and silver are on the rise, consider precious metals now.

Featured in this video: “The Little Red Book of Democrat Socialist Lies”