Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D.
Intel Update

January 2, 2021

Pelosi and McCarthy people are in talks over the January 3rd election of a Speaker. This is because Pelosi does NOT now have the DEM votes to become Speaker of the House in the new Congress.

President Trump should make clear that he will personally campaign against any Republican who will vote for Pelosi.

If the House will not be able to elect a speaker by Jan 6, it is not clear the House could certify the electoral votes.

Pelosi is up against a tough vote due to DEMS “not present” on Jan 3. Two DEMS are sick with COVID. One NY district house race is not called. One Louisiana House seat is in a runoff special election. If everyone else will show up on Jan 3, Pelosi will need 216 votes. DEMs will have 220 “present.” As few as 5 detractors could kill Pelosi’s chances.

It is a slim, but still possibility. Especially if Omar and AOC will find out that Pelosi is behind the investigations by DOJ on Omar and behind the FEC investigation on AOC. Pelosi is trying to eliminate her hard-left rivals. Both investigations were launched after direct Pelosi got directly involved.

It is worth contemplating that somebody who is NOT a House representative and is supported by President Trump can gain a support of 5 Democrats. Recall that the Speaker of the House doesn’t have to be a Member of the House.

Vernon Jones, a state representative in Georgia, popular Black Democrat, who supported President, might be a good choice for President Trump to suggest as House Speaker. Republicans can be signed up tomorrow to officially support Vernon Jones for Speaker,

This will achieve many goals, including:

1.Vernon Jones will have more chances to become Speaker particularly because members of the DEM Black Caucus will have difficult time voting against black DEM, should Pelosi fails to secure 216.

2. Vernon Jones will be supported by Perdue and Loeffler, changing the trajectory of GA race.

3.President Trump supporting Vernon Jones to be speaker would gain popularity with minorities.

Remember, the DEMS are split between traditional leftist DEMS like Pelosi and Schumer, viewing the AOC faction as a threat to their leadership. McConnell must realize his opposition to Trump will cost him dearly — more than the GOP establishment opposition to the Tea Party — an important factor in the rise of the Trump Movement.

I continue to insist that we are experiencing an important realignment in America voters — something that happens every 50-75 years. Last realignment was the “New South” strategy outlined for Richard Nixon in 1968 — when DEMS in the South left the Democratic Party over LBJ’s civil rights program, the race riots, and the anti-war protests — Nixon grabbed the South for the GOP with his “law and order” campaign for president in 1968.

Trump can win on January 6 by exploiting the fact the Democratic Party and the GOP are both committing suicide. The March for Trump in DC will make clear Trump is the only majority movement gaining traction in the USA — especially as the DEMs go Marxist and lawless.

Our traditional institutions (including SCOTUS and the DOJ are obviously corrupt), and the GOP is led by China Mitch (Chao family wealth in CCP shipping magnate) led by SWAMP GOP Senators so concerned with their personal wealth that they are willing to embrace Biden/Harris in the greatest election theft in USA history.

In the final analysis, We the People remain sovereign and nobody can rule without the consent of the governed. Globalist elites in LA, Silicon Valley, and NYC risk all in their effort to grab power in a manner the American public consider unconstitutional, godless, and criminal.

Trump understands this better than anyone. A Trump Party — a MAGA Patriots Party or Constitution Party — is forming in the USA — it reminds me of Abraham Lincoln’s insight in 1860 that led him to lead the newly formed Republican Party as the Democrat Party of the Day (in the South) was going secessionist.

I believe Pence will leave politics — choosing to become Ambassador to Israel — he may announce this on January 3, making it clear that by presiding over the Joint Session of Congress, he is not trying to re-elect himself as Vice President.

Pence may be weak, but he is an End-Days Christian who may be encouraged by his wife and family to leave politics behind, but Pence will see Trump (movement of US embassy to Jerusalem) as part of End Times such that the hand of God is on Trump (something Pence will not forget or abandon).

If Trump determines that Pence is wavering, Pence will be asked to resign as VP. In that event, Pompeo may preside the January 6 joint session of Congress, acting in his capacity as Secretary of State.

Trump supporting Vernon Jones now would be a brilliant move dividing the DEMS and making it clear to McConnell that the GOP cannot return to business as usual by ousting Trump.

Jovan Pulitzer’s GA presentation (especially with the bar code on mail-in ballots sent to GOP precincts — a bar code that instructed the Dominion computer not to read the vote without “adjudication”) was the type of game-changing information we needed.

The GA Governor and Secretary of State have committed another felony in the open bringing in trucks to shred mail-in ballots to prevent Pulitzer from obtaining the forensic proof he needs to convince the nation of the DEMs massive election fraud felonies that reach Obama.

Legislators in PA, GA, and AZ are leading the charge to provide Pence letters that make clear DEMS are blocking their access to the Dominion Voting System machines and to the mail-in ballots in order to hide the evidence of their crime (and by so doing, committing additional obstruction of justice felonies).

Trump is preparing to release a ton of information on January 6 that will be equally game-changing.

Remember: Trump always looks like he is going to lose, until just before he wins.

Jerome R Corsi, Ph.D.