Here Come the Next Dangers to the Trump Presidency

Could “False Flag” Snipers Kill BLM Protestors to Blame White Supremacists?


Has COVID-20 Already Broken Out in China?


Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

Two new dangers are emerging in the plot to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. The first is the concern “snipers” will kill Black Lives Matter protestors to place the blame on white supremacists. The second is the emergence of a new more deadly virus that I have described as COVID-20 in China.

As author Trevor Loudon has explained, the United States is currently witnessing a wave of “race riots” that are in fact staged events that are scripted to produce disorder in society as part of a radical Maoist objective to destroy the Constitution and transform the United States into a socialist nation.

Snipers, White Supremacists, and the “Ferguson Syndrome”

The George Floyd riots follow the pattern established in the “Ferguson Syndrome” where an encounter is captured on video in which a white police officer kills an unarmed black male.  The video is immediately used to generate a mainstream media feeding frenzy demonizing the white police as racist, the incident as demonstrating police brutality, and the death of the black male as tragic. The “Ferguson Syndrome” derives its name from the 2014 incident in which Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown, a teenage black citizen of Ferguson, Missouri, who was portrayed by the mainstream media as a “Gentle Giant” who was shot and killed by Officer Wilson as he shouted in submission, “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” This portrayal was patently false.

As a “Ferguson Syndrome” event unfolds, the media “eco-chamber” generate national outrage by dominating the 24/7 news cycle by replaying and discussing the video.  As national outrage builds, Antifa members are recruited and financed to travel to the city of the incident where they engage in an orgy of physical violence, highlighted by the looting and burning of retail commercial outlets.  Antifa is followed by Black Lives Matters protestors coming to the scene as outside agitators ready to march and demand the police be defunded.  Antifa traces back to 1920s Germany, when the original Soviet-backed internationalist socialists of Antifa launched street thugs to battle with the “brown shirt” street thugs of the national socialists, better known as Nazis.

In the Soros-funded and State Department supported 2014 Maidan uprising in Kiev in 2014, protestors gathered for weeks to demand the ouster of then-President Viktor Yanukovych, an ally of Putin in Russia. The ouster of Yanukovych was accomplished when the protest was radicalized by “snipers” who killed some 50 of the demonstrators and 3 police.  The “snipers” were identified as military loyal to Yanukovych, but the suspicion remains the “snipers” were hired by Soros-funded protestors in a “false flag” operation designed to radicalize the protest to a coup d’état conclusion.  Putin called the Maidan uprising just that, an armed coup – an event Putin used to justify the annexation of Crimea and the military support he provided to separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

In a “Deep Dive” interview with, Loudon shared concerns that radical leftists supporting Antifa and BLM might similarly hire “snipers” in a “false flag” operation that the mainstream media would blame on White Supremacists. The resulting outrage could easily escalate the level of violence to the point at which Antifa and BLM would riot in cities throughout the nation.

Is COVID-20 Already Showing Up in China?

In recent days, reports have circulated from China that a new coronavirus has broken out in Beijing.

A Beijing official reported on Monday, June 15, that the entire city had entered another “war-time mode” lockdown, while people infected with the virus after visiting Beijing are located in Hebei, Sichuan, and Liaoning provinces, fueling fears the virus is spreading further.

This appears to be a different virus than COVID-19 because Chinese medical specialists have attributed the new outbreak to contaminated European salmon sold in Beijing’s Xinfadi market. This marketplace is nearly 20 times the size of the seafood market in Wuhan where the Chinese first claimed COVID-19 originated.

Later, on Monday, June 15, Chinese officials confirmed that from June 11 to 14, a total of 79 people were confirmed to be infected and experiencing symptoms, with seven others as asymptomatic carriers.  Senior Beijing city government official Xu Ying said at a daily news conference on Monday, June 15, that 7,200 neighborhoods and nearly 100,000 epidemic-control workers had entered the “battlefield” of the affected Beijing neighborhoods. has predicted a new, more deadly coronavirus, COVID-20, would hit the United States this September, in approximately three months. has also predicted COVID-20 would send the United States into a second national quarantine – a lockdown that this time would destroy the U.S. economy perhaps beyond repair, collapse the dollar, and contribute to the radical left’s plan to remove Donald Trump from the presidency.