Dr. Corsi continues his series of interviews with Stephen Coughlin, Esq.: attorney, decorated intelligence officer and noted specialist on Islamic law, ideology and related strategic information programs. Coughlin and Rich Higgins run Unconstrained Analytics https://unconstrainedanalytics.org/ a 501(c)3 dedicated to analysis of evidence unconstrained by preconceptions and biases.

This includes thorough analysis of an enemy’s threat doctrine unconstrained by bias, preconceptions and influence operations coming from the same. In part two of the series, Coughlin discusses the meaning of “Mass Line” and “United Front” as reported in “Re-Remembering the Mis-Remembered Left: The Left’s Strategy and Tactics To Transform America”

Excerpt, Pg 104:

“MASS LINE: Organizing an alternative society through the construction of clandestine infrastructure, that is, a counter-state. In dialectical terms, if the state is thesis, then the counter-state is its anti-state. Local socio-economic grievances and aspirations are addressed by cadres, who then connect solutions to the party’s political mechanism. As with all political action, appeal to perceived needs (not only grievances but also hopes and aspirations) are sought in order to win allegiance for the purpose of mobilization. The approach seeks a mass base. As noted, Marcuse centered America’s Mass Line strategy in the academy.”

“UNITED FRONT: Making common cause with individuals and groups who share concerns but not necessarily party goals. While armed political movement are capable of addressing perceived needs, this does not necessarily bring with it the momentum to overcome the natural fear of participating in what is, after all, an illegal, underground, and dangerous endeavor. “Fellow traveler” status (even if this status is concealed by the organization concerned) offers an alternative route that provides benefits to insurgencies in the form of advancing legal, open organizations that swell the mass base.”

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