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Ruth Bader Ginsberg is Battling Pneumonia

Written by Staff Writer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2017Ailing Ruth Bader Ginsberg 85, the most liberal judge sitting on the Supreme court is battling pneumonia according to the Santa Monica Observer.

An update posted stated the ailing Judge was now in a battle for her life after surgery to remove cancer.

The justice underwent surgery on December 15, 2018, to remove cancerous growths on her lungs. Since then, she has missed arguments for the first two weeks in January. It's now being reported the Jurist is battling pneumonia and will step down this month.

Justice Ginsberg has battled cancer before, from malignant melanoma to colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. This latest battle, however, seems to take a toll on Ms. Ginsberg.

Justice Ginsburg is considered one of the most liberal judges on the Supreme Court. She was appointed by Bill Clinton and took her oath to office August 10, 1993. She was the second female to be appointed to the Supreme Court after Sandra Day O'Connor. However, After O' Connor stepped down, Ginsberg became the only woman on the bench until Kagen and Sotomayor were appointed by President Barack Obama.

According to the Santa Monica Observer, Ms. Ginsberg informed Democratic leaders and Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein of her condition. This forced the hand of the Democrats. They went into attack mode, manufacturing the scandal of lies on Brett Kavanaugh.

Now that Ginsberg will be stepping down, her replacement will change the structure of the Supreme Court for a generation. This will undoubtedly bring out the worst in the Democratic party. No matter who President Trump chooses, it will be met with fierce opposition.

Ginsberg's retirement raises other questions, such as who will be next? Sotomayer has Type-1 diabetes, how healthy is she? Will President Trump get another Supreme Court choice? Will there be more?

These are questions that keep Democrats up late at night. These questions also lie in the back of the minds of All Americans. The nightmare from the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh is still fresh. Will the Democrat party survive another confirmation?