When Will Mueller's Witch Hunt End?

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1 year 2 months ago #13 by Stephen Parker
Stephen Parker created the topic: When Will Mueller's Witch Hunt End?
I wish I was as sanguine as Rudy Giuliani, who expects Mueller's "investigation" to end soon and explosively as new revelations about it's corrupt origins and conduct become public.. But I fear that the predicate of those who believe that Mueller, essentially, can be shamed into stopping may be faulty.

Nothing in all that has so far been revealed has stopped, or even slowed, Mueller, or the people behind him. I fear that Mueller and his controllers will gauge the length of their inquisition on a cost-benefit or risk-reward basis, and continue as long as they believe the benefit or reward is greater than the cost or risk. If that is the case, Mueller may very well prolong the investigation through September into October--and even up to or through the elections.

It is quite possible that only an outside intervention, such as from a district judge, ruling that, in the absence of a crime having been specified in Mueller's charter, the entire investigation is unauthorized, or an order to cease is issued by the AG or Deputy AG, or by the President, will suffice to stop Mueller.,

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