mothers, mothering, and attachment theory

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Moira Eastman created the topic: mothers, mothering, and attachment theory
I am wondering if Corsinatives think there is a place for a forum on mothers and mothering on Corsination?

My area of research is mothers, mothering, and attachment theory.

Attachment theory is the theoretic base for understanding the importance of the mother/child relationship.

Last year three globally influential international organizations (the OECD , the ILO with Gallup , and the IMF ) released reports all agreeing on the urgent necessity of women, especially mothers of young children, taking jobs in the marketplace. Previously, in November 2014, a fourth globally influential organization, the G20 (the political and economic leaders of the 20 largest economies in the world) committed its member countries to getting more mothers ‘back to work’.

This commitment to getting mothers ‘back to work’ is made in ignorance and denial of five major areas of research.

• Concerning the economy, there is a denial of the fact that there are two economies, the market economy and the unpaid household economy, but though they are of comparable size, only one is taken into account.

• Concerning recent findings on the neurobiology of the developing infant brain, there is a denial of the importance of the biological mother to infant brain development and a failure to take in the evolutionary understanding of why mothers are uniquely fitted to promote their own babies’ brain development.

• Concerning child development there is a widespread ignorance of attachment theory, ‘the dominant theory of human ontogeny in international developmental psychology’ . (Ontogeny refers to the development of an organism.) All humans develop an ‘attachment style’ through their interactions with their mothers in the first 18 months of life, and that style becomes a life-long pattern that affects all their subsequent social interactions and their learning abilities. One pattern has far better outcomes than the other patterns.

• There is an ignorance and misunderstanding of the sources of children’s successful learning in schools. Parents’ contributions comprise 80 per cent of children’s school success and school contributes only 20 per cent. Mothers make unique contributions to children’s ability to learn.

• There is an overlooking, or forgetting, or denial, that giving birth to babies is work. It is a productive activity. In fact it is the primordial productive activity. By bearing and giving birth to babies, and rearing their babies, mothers renew the population and the economy.

These basic failures of knowledge culminate in a failure to understand that mothering is work and also failure to understand the essential nature of the work of mothering.

I hope I will get some feedback on whether corsinatives think that mothering is a topic of importance to CorsiNation.

god bless Corsination

Moira Eastman PhD
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