Shout It Out - Reflections On the Many Facets of a Gem, Rosh Hashanah

Horn2Submitted By: Miranda Jacobson

A baby cries, a cock crows, the shofar sounds… Jewelers creates facets in a crystal to reveal the gem's natural inner light, allowing it to reflect and deflect the light that is available in the outer world. Similarly, the holiday of Rosh Hashanah can be viewed as a gift, a gem, which our minds and souls may craft facets in, enabling us to reveal our individual and communal inner light. As we utilize these facets, the inner light of our souls are discovered and can be reflected to shine a light on others’ paths as well. This is my personal path to walk during these “Days of Awe” leading up to Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement and Clarity. It is my wish in expressing these thoughts, that, it may inspire you to cut and prepare your own gem as well, with these facets of: Rosh Hashanah (the head of the year, one of the new years celebrated in the Jewish lunar calendar), Yom Teruyah (the day of shouting/blasting), and Rosh Hodesh Tishrei (the new moon, the start of the seventh month in the Jewish lunar calendar).

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Clarion Call to the Warrior Bride of Jesus Christ

Article01Submitted by: JoAnne Gardner Art Work by: JoAnne Gardner

Have you been feeling the intensification of demonic activity in the atmosphere lately? It has, in fact, become downright oppressive as the left ups the ante in service to their god (Satan) in this latest battle between good and evil and the crucial midterm elections.

The fake news and social media, the enraged protesters and narcissistic Hollywood icons, the hypocritical government bureaucrats and politicians all lie, cheat, and steal, as they go about their father's business trying to destroy our beloved America and its Constitution. Boldly they come against us, and our President, shouting and raging, ridiculing and marginalizing to no end, all the while attempting to cover up their own sins and deficiencies. Even the "big tech godfathers" have disgracefully sunk to the level of censoring the voices of American patriots, and dare I say Christians, with impunity, calling us hate groups.

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Poem of The Mighty Warrior

Poem 01BSubmitted by: JoAnne Gardner Art Work by: Joanne Gardner

"Listen mighty warriors, I'm calling out to thee,

It has not gone unnoticed, your bravery.

Yet remember, your weapons are not carnal, so do not be undone,

for it is only by the Sword of the Spirit that this war will be won.

Through prayer and repentance the victory will unfold,

for America is blessed as in Heaven it's told.


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