Prayer For Cyber Crimes And Voter Fraud

Christianity018Submitted by: Rita Beitz

Stop the fraud in voting Lord Jesus we ask You for divine intervention and exposure to the cyber crimes and voter fraud that are taking place in the Tech companies located in northern California. We ask You now to stop the plans, stop the technical and deliberate attempts to change votes, eliminate conservative votes and to cease the operations that individual tech personnel are and have been instructed to do. We ask You to intervene in the lives of individuals who are responsible for either carrying out these plans or the ones ordering them to be stoped, period.

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Prayer For Christians To Take A Stand For Elections

Christianity017Submitted by: Rita Beitz

Call for Christians to run for office, inspired by Franklin Gramhams message. Lord Jesus we ask You now to make a way for all Christians to be aware of their impact on elections and our laws that are put into place in all places of government in our nation. Lord Jesus we ask You now to call Christian leaders and people of influence as well as those who can serve in small capacities to come forward and serve in political positions in any and all areas including local, judicial, and community city and county boards for the protection of our current democratic country. We ask You Lord now to call Your people to serve in preservation of the constitution and everything it stands for. We ask You to give those a boldness and responsibility to serve and a desire to make a difference and for their voices to be heard.

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Request For Prayer For Johnson Admendment

Christianity013Submitted by: Keith Miller

Please develop and post a prayer for the repeal or striking of the Johnson Amendment. Below I have posted my current draft. United States Code (U.S.C.) title 26 § 501(c)(3) is a section of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code which defines a class of religious, charitable, scientific testing, literary or educational organizations which may be exempt from federal taxation. Donations to these organization may be income tax deductible.

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Prayer to Yahusha For Forgiveness

Christianity007Submitted by: Bobbie Hanselman

Yahua In the name of Yahusha i pray asking for forgiveness of my sins and of my trespasses. Guide my heart and soul in this life on a path of rightousness and love through your will and not mine. Yahusha i am greatfull for this life and the many blessings through your love and through your grace.Yahua I ask for your full armour of protection for me and my family and for President Donald J. Trump and his family and for the United States Republic and all those who love you in

Heal The Nation And Make It Great Again

Christianity009Submitted by: Rev. Christopher B. Cain

Father, we ask You in the Mighty name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ our Lord and savior, to heal our Nation and make it spiritually great again. Help us to recognize that a revival of a Nation begins with a revival of a heart, and then it spreads, person to person and heart to heart until, like a spark driven by the wind into the dry forest, it catches flame and ignites the world around it. Lord Jesus help us to repent of our individual sins, as well as the sins we have committed as a Nation. Help us never to water down Your Word, and teach us to repent of the murder of the unborn and the morally bankrupt lifestyles we enduldge and live in. None of us are innocent of the transgression of the law, yet because of Your grace and mercy, through Christ all of us are capable of claiming the redemptive work of the cross, where Christ shed His blood to wash away our sins, we need only confess Jesus as Lord and savior.

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