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Remember the Forgotten Americans--Installment 1 of 12

Written by Staff Writer

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Remember the Forgotten Americans

This week begins the unfolding of a series of essays written by Pat and Kate Scopelliti, authors of America First—The MAGA Manifesto: A Handbook for the 2018 Midterms and Beyond. The first article asks all readers, particularly #WalkAway members, to “Remember the Forgotten Americans” as they think about who they will vote for in November. As LTG (RET) Michael Flynn writes in the Foreword of the Scopelliti’s book: “Here’s to a #MAGAVictory2018 and May God bless America.” And here’s to the Scopelliti’s words speaking to your heart and mind and soul right up to the voting booth!

Installment #1--

Are you familiar with the English nursery rhyme "Rub-a-Dub-Dub" which describes "the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker" adrift at sea?


Three men in a tub,

And who do you think they be?

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker,

And all of them out to sea.

In the late 18th century, when this rhyme was first published, these men represented the working class. Their days consisted of long hours of intense labor for subsistence remuneration. Society benefitted significantly from their efforts and, in fact, would have been hard pressed without them. While there are many interpretations of this rhyme, the version that illuminates it best describes these workers as struggling tradesmen out to sea in a wooden washtub. And at that, without a paddle to make their journey easier or their return to shore a certainty! 


Today, we have fewer candlestick makers, but we do have butchers and bakers, small farmers and auto mechanics, assembly line workers and retail associates, truckers and caregivers. The daily efforts of these hard-working individuals make an important difference in our everyday lives. Yet their struggles have been ignored by the political party that claims to have their backs and workers' interests as their top priority. The workers of the U.S. are like “three men in a tub” who have not only been ignored but also lied to and exploited for decades.

If we were to make but a single attack against the Democrat Party, it would be this: it has forgotten about, taken for granted and neglected, the average American. The average American is not just a term. It represents millions of people systematically neglected and robbed of ways to make a living--in the coalmines, in the automotive factories, and on their small ranches. Democrats talk about looking out for the little guy. But these are shallow words, mere talking points handed down by party leadership with an ever-cooperating press. Their ideas and actions are inconsistent with their constituents’ needs. In fact, the Democrat Party wants to further burden us with ever-increasing taxes to fund their philosophical positions and the passage of laws determining how Americans must live their lives. Their sweeping regulations have created difficulties for small businesses for decades. Their free-wheeling "policy" on immigration increases unemployment, especially for minorities. The "paddles" the Democrats offer are unaffordable, ineffective, and restrictive of our choices and freedoms, a perfect example being Obamacare.

When we listen to Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway Movement, we hear his disillusionment. He states that his perspective, observations, ideas, and opinions have no meaning to the Democrat Party these days. A hard-working New York City hairstylist, performance artist, and gay man, Straka simply no longer feels welcome in his former, lifelong political home. Antifa violence and extreme political correctness also dramatically contributed to his decision to walk away from the Democrats, form the #WalkAway Campaign, and inspire like-minded people to follow his lead.

When a political party--or any other entity for that matter--requires uniform thinking, encourages a brand of activism which includes harassment and physical attack, and seeks to control individual choice by passing laws that destroy options and claims your property – your money is your property! – you either walk away or relinquish your freedoms. Profound disheartenment over these alarming trends is powerfully expressed in countless #WalkAway video testimonials, posted throughout social media.

The MAGA Movement celebrates each person’s importance and value. We believe utterly that it is among the Forgotten Americans where America’s returning greatness lies. #WalkAway Patriots, you are Forgotten Americans! During our lifetimes, Democrats never felt it was necessary to earn your vote. They were 100% certain they would always have it. As voters, it is our right to be respected, listened to, and sought after. You will find the MAGA Movement is built upon this precise mandate.

Historically, Americans are not disposed to handing over their rights. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness belong to us by official declaration and a hard-fought War for Independence. So, it isn't surprising that the common man and woman has arisen once more and turned disappointment and displeasure into a vote for true change.

President Trump is, despite his billionaire status, the standard bearer for this populist movement. Many of the promises he made to us on the campaign trail have become realities, despite the daily, vicious opposition from swamp-dwelling Democrats, the corrupt and deceitful Mainstream Media, and NeverTrump Republicans.

This President speaks to us in everyday language. He seeks to understand what we, The People, want our America to be. He listens to our dreams and visions and he supports the values and benefits we wish to pass down to our children and grandchildren as our true American legacy.

As a result, we feel acknowledged and respected, as is our rightful expectation. We feel optimistic after years of despair. And we believe wholeheartedly that President Trump can help us Make America Great Again. In an America made great again, the Forgotten Americans are forgotten no more. And they will have “paddles” for their life journey. #WalkAway with us to the MAGA Movement!

About the authors--

Pasquale (Pat) and Kate Scopelliti are the authors of America First - MAGA ManifestoThe Trump Campaign employed Pat’s strategic insight extensively during the 2016 election cycle. Catch up with Pat on Twitter @ThyConsigliori and Kate @KateScopelliti.