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#WalkAway Patriots! The MAGA Movement Wants YOU!

Written by Editor-in-Chief

#WalkAway Patriots!

The MAGA Movement Wants YOU!

Screen Shot 2018 08 25 at 4.06.54 PMBelow is an invitation from Pat and Kate Scopolitti, authors of The MAGA Manifesto, to join the MAGA Movement. Their invitation is extended to all but especially to #WalkAway Patriots.

This installment represents the introduction to the first in a series of twelve, to be published weekly on the Corsi Nation website, leading up to the midterm elections. The installments will provide reasons for joining the MAGA Movement and strategies for how citizens can hang onto freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution for present and future generations.

More information about Pat and Kate Scopolitti’s book, America First - The MAGA Manifesto: A Handbook for the 2018 Midterms and Beyond is available here. The Foreword was written by LTG (Retired) Michael T. Flynn.

 Allow us to begin by assuring you that you are exactly who America needs to ensure her future. Why, you may ask? As patriots, we find ourselves at a crossroad that requires robust judgments and unwavering commitments. Do we continue down the path we have been traveling for the last few decades, making the same old ineffective choices, allowing the same old politicians to make the same old decisions, while we watch our country fall into the ever-deepening potholes of division, debt, destruction, and despair? Or do we choose a different path that, with fresh leadership, sufficient time, and consistent effort, will fill in those holes by addressing our differences, our infrastructure, our trade, our insolvency, as well as continue to add layer upon layer of jobs and security?

Like us, you may have noticed that the Democrat Party has lost its direction. What principles do Democrats hold today? What is its party platform?  Is socialism the Democrats’ idea of the American way now? Or are millions of Americans, previously loyal Democrats, questioning the intentions, efficacy, and leadership as well as the deeply diverging positions within the party itself?  

In walking away, it’s important to differentiate between the MAGA movement and the Republican Party. As registered Independents, we personally support the MAGA Movement completely and are true supporters of President Trump. This distinction should make you happy, and here’s why. 

As you consider where you wish to make your home upon leaving the Democrat Party, you may lean more toward the principles of the Republican Party than we do.  And if so, that is absolutely fine. On the other hand, like us, you may find that the MAGA Movement’s ideas and tenets are worthy of your examination and support, and ultimately, of becoming your new political home.

That is why we have created a series of articles explaining the MAGA Movement’s ideals and practical vision. This is our invitation to you to join us in “Making America Great Again.” We hope to be worthy of your participation, forever forward. 

Please be assured that there are many colors of thought and a rich variety of positions in our family. Wherever you may land within the movement, you’re going to be welcomed as the true patriots you are. In an effort to flesh out both the problems confronting our nation and the fresh directions we might take to solve them, we have written a book, America First – The MAGA Manifesto, which we hope you’ll consider reading. 

In The MAGA Manifesto, we have identified ten specific elements that precisely define MAGA, and we'll share that list in a moment. Following this introduction, we’ll present one article for each element. Then, in the final article, we’ll summarize what we’ve covered. We’ll make our best case for choosing MAGA Representatives and Senators for Congress. And most of all, we argue that we must reawaken and once again instill America First values into our federal policies and laws.

Here is the list:

1. Remember The Forgotten Americans

2. Rule Of Law

3. American Jobs

4. Quality Of Life For Every American

5. Heal Our Cities

6. Build The Wall

7. Make America Wealthy Again

8. Make America Strong Again

9. Make America Safe Again  

10. Make America Great Again

Finally, in the MAGA Movement, there is no litmus test. You may agree with, disagree, or completely reject any of our points and still be truly welcome here. More important than the parts contained within the whole of our platform is the spirit that gives it life. We know in our hearts that somewhere along the line something has gone seriously wrong. We can disagree about what and when and how. But, we are all absolutely dedicated to one thing, and that is reclaiming the America we remember and have seen disappear before our very eyes.

So, here’s your invitation, #WalkAway Patriots! We hope to win your participation in our movement—and that of your children’s and grandchildren’s in the future—all in support of our exceptional Nation and her extraordinary People.

About the authors--

Pasquale (Pat) and Kate Scopelliti are the authors of America First - MAGA Manifesto. The Trump Campaign employed Pat’s strategic insight extensively during the 2016 election cycle. Catch up with Pat on Twitter @ThyConsigliori and Kate @KateScopelliti.