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American Jobs

Written by Editor-in-Chief

Screen Shot 2018 08 25 at 4.34.55 PMIn this 3rd installment, Pat and Kate Scopelliti discuss President Trump’s economic gains for US workers--accomplished in less than two years and despite unprecedented resistance--and explain the historical basis for his approach. The timing of their submission on Labor Day makes the argument threaded through all of their installments to VOTE MAGA this November even more compelling.

Pat and Kate Scopelliti are the authors of America First--The MAGA Manifesto: A Handbook for the 2018 Midterms and Beyond. The Foreword was written by LTG (Retired) Michael T. Flynn. Information about their book is available here

American Jobs--Installment 3 of 12

One of the great failures of the Democrats and their mouthpiece--the MSM--is simply not admitting the obvious truth. Under President Trump, our economy is bursting at the seams! We have busted through the 4% GDP annual rate. Unemployment has plummeted to historic lows for African-Americans, Hispanics, women, and young people! Everyone who wants to work can find work. Help Wanted signs for full-time employment are everywhere. The stock market is soaring to heights never reached prior to this hard-charging administration. And people are feeling confident that this is just the beginning of America's resurgence.

How have we shucked the economic burden of unemployment in less than 2 years? Well, government regulations on businesses have been axed. President Trump is clearing the forest of job-killing debris, leaving a much clearer path to new job creation. The tax cut for businesses and corporations--from 35% to 21% --is freeing up capital for expansion. Corporate investment and profit are returning from overseas. And industries, such as steel and aluminum, are once again providing the building materials for American construction and production. The Trump Economy is building on American strength, her workers, her resources, and her position in the world marketplace to Make American Great Again.

To fully comprehend how the President's actions are foundational for MAGA, American history provides answers. From the George Washington administration through the end of WWII, the term “America First” was unnecessary and unused. President Washington and Alexander Hamilton created an economic doctrine that helped us grow into the wealthiest nation in history, in a shorter period than had ever occurred. Their plan was built upon two key principles. First, the vast American market was to be given every advantage in competing against the wares and services of other nations. Americans, they believed, should be able to purchase every conceivable item they required or desired from other Americans. Second, American taxes needed to be kept as low as possible. To achieve that ideal, yet ensure that government had sufficient funds to function, access to our market was taxed utilizing tariffs placed on foreign products entering the US.

In the years following WWII and up until President Trump was elected, our tax system has depended on the citizenry to carry the heavy burden of underwriting our government, while “free-market” theory turned into practice gave unfettered access to our marketplace. In other words, we originally protected our own market, and foreign players paid for the right of entry, establishing the basis of our government’s revenue. Taxes on American citizens were held to be anathema.

Unfortunately, in order to support a rapidly growing federal government, it was determined that American citizens could carry the weight of the government while foreign producers were given free access. And, even worse, these foreign producers employed our previous system to protect their economies from our products and services by enacting draconian tariffs.

The result? Our industries and inventions, our technology and our innovations are shipped out, and our jobs go with them. This was a policy executed by our government for decades, and it was supported by each branch of the government.

And why? Why would the very system that made us the wealthiest nation in the history of the world be destroyed by our own government? The answer is simple. Powerful people could not resist the profits that resulted. With each job shipped abroad, labor costs dropped – foreign workers could be forced into near slave conditions and paid at rates that no competitive market would support. 

By placing the tax burden on the American citizen and relieving foreign producers of that very burden, global corporations purchased a different kind of profit structure. They captured the wealth-creating power of the American system itself and turned it against us, the forgotten Americans. These profits surely made it easy to pay the fees of the lobbyists and for-sale congressional Representatives and Senators to ensure the transformation was protected by law.

The result was that products produced overseas could be sent to America and priced and tax-protected to undercut American made goods. This extended to entire industries. Can you purchase an American made TV or consumer electronic product of any sort? Can you find American made furniture for sale? For decades, the totality of American manufacturing was hit hard. Plants closed. We lost our jobs. Towns devolved from thriving to barely surviving or worse. Our basic wealth as a nation--as represented by our jobs--was hollowed out to such a degree that many feared we had come to the end of the American dream.

And then came the MAGA Movement. President Trump’s complete mastery over all this is why our jobs are coming back in numbers like never before.

Once we get past all the lies and manipulations of the story we hear today, what we discover is a President accomplishing what everyone said could not be done, and doing so in the face of tremendous opposition.

President Trump rejects the crippling, job-destroying multi-lateral trade pacts of previous corrupt decades. He has replaced them with fiercely negotiated, jobs-building bilateral agreements. He has used his connections in and deep knowledge of the business world for the benefit of the people. He understands economics and history and has chosen the best and the brightest to fill prominent roles in America’s resurgence.

Washington and Hamilton understood that the united 13 states created a vast market. There was no nation on earth that could fail to desire to do business with these 13 United States. It is this same knowledge that President Trump is employing in every negotiation. And he does so with the ultimate objective of creating the greatest job market and economy our nation has ever known.

It is this vision, American economic might that redounds to the benefit of all Americans, and the resulting greatest jobs market in the world, that is the ultimate economic purpose of the MAGA Movement.