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Authors Pat and Kate Scopelliti: Quality of Life for Every American

Written by Editor-in-Chief

Screen Shot 2018 08 25 at 4.34.55 PMAuthors and Patriots Pat and Kate Scopelliti discuss the basis of "Quality of Life for Every American" in this their latest installment, exclusive to Corsi Nation. In their obvious love for the USA and respect for the US Constitution, they appeal to all readers to consider the benefits of President Trump's MAGA agenda particularly compared to the destructive effects of socialism. The authors argue that that every American through freedom of choice is granted quality of life.

Please read, share and discuss the Scopelliti's insights with #WalkAways, undecided voters, and neighbors especially as we walk up to the critical November elections. Everything MAGA depends on it.

Pat and Kate Scopelliti are the authors of America First--The MAGA Manifesto: A Handbook for the 2018 Midterms and Beyond. The Foreword was written by LTG (Retired) Michael T. Flynn. Information about their book is available here

Quality of Life for Every American--Installment 4 of 12

How long has socialism been so clearly embraced by the Democrat party? Prior to 2015, there's no way to make the case at all. When asked if he was a socialist, Obama denied it completely, even offering to introduce his interviewer to some real socialists, to help differentiate. While that seemed like sidestepping the question, and socialism may well be his true philosophy, it's still speculation. Obama's public statements deny it, strongly. Why might that be? Possibly because socialism as a term held little political appeal before and during his tenure. Liberals in America were, just a decade ago, truly liberal, not socialist.

Bernie Sanders changed all that with his run for the presidential nomination. And since then, the anti-Trumpers and the far left have added their energy and resources to this radical movement.

Socialism is the "new cool" among many young adults--understandable, since liberal college professors have been preaching socialism's tenets for some time. Revisionist history classes, as well as the decline of patriotic practices (e.g., saying the Pledge of Allegiance in elementary school, singing the National Anthem at high school ballgames), has had the Left's desired impact.

The historical truth provides a very different perspective. Arguably, the destruction of individual quality of life under socialism is the reality. For example, we are witnessing the destruction of Venezuelan lives in real time. The vaunted Nordic brand of socialism is teetering. The influx of non-Scandinavian immigrants has destroyed the delicate balance socialism requires. It seems that socialism only survives while it is supported by a small community with deeply shared values and where contributions and benefits are equalized.

What course correction is required to stabilize countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Venezuela? It's simple, really. The direction is the same as it is for our country--always toward true, free market capitalism.

In our book America First --The MAGA Manifesto, we outline the case for a free market solution to one of the largest and most serious quality of life issues Americans face today--our healthcare system. We must return healthcare to the competitive free market. For far too long, healthcare costs have been skyrocketing, our insurance options narrowing, and insurance premiums and deductibles unaffordable for all but the wealthiest of us. The single, most effective act our federal government could take to address these problems is the removal of the monopoly barriers erected around each state. Currently, we are stuck with Obamacare, and health insurance cannot be sold across state lines. If health insurance companies, like car insurance companies, had to compete for business nationwide, costs would significantly decrease for consumers.

While government programs like socialized medical care and free college tuition are touted by socialists as the answer to our problems, nothing could be further from the truth. Quite purposefully, the radical Left now wishes to forego a national security infrastructure, and they aim to increase  significantly our individual and business tax liabilities. There is no other way such socialist programs can be financially supported. They’re selling a lie. In fact, the quality of life that we enjoy in America has been provided through the free market. The current, wildly growing economy is the result of free market practices reinstituted by President Trump, accompanied by deregulation and America First trade policies.

Few of us realize that even communist nations--let alone socialist ones--are actually capitalist at the state level. China is one of the mightiest practitioners of state-level capitalism in the world. The reality is that no nation can successfully support socialist structures without capitalism.

There is a single historical construct that we must take a moment to discuss. It is called "the invisible hand of the market" and it was developed by Adam Smith, the famous Scottish economist, in his famous book The Wealth of Nations. Smith explains that the balance between supply and demand is best managed by free exchange. A seller must lower his price if demand does not lead to sufficient sales. A buyer must pay more if he cannot get his needs met or purchase the items he desires at a lower cost. Each party in the transaction seek only their freely self-determined best interest. And the result is that the market as a whole is well served. Freedom of competition leads to equilibrium first and followed by growing wealth through the generations. No nation has proven this more powerfully than the United States of America has. And, perhaps it is not coincidental that Smith’s book was published in 1776.

While most of us haven’t read Smith’s book, Common Sense Americans have always embraced its wisdom. We have sought to pursue our happiness through freedom of choice, and it was that very freedom that made for our quality of life--and given the success of President Trump's MAGA agenda will continue to do so.