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Mississippi: Remember to Vote, Y'all!

Written by Editor-in-Chief

600px Seal of Mississippi 2014present.svgPresident Trump tweeted today (Nov. 27): "Polls are open in Mississippi. We need Cindy Hyde-Smith in Washington. GO OUT AND VOTE. Thanks!"

Along with President Trump, Corsi Nation urges all Mississipi voters to make it to the voting booths today.

Polls are open from 7am. to 7pm. CST.

For more information, see

Elections Hotline: 800-829-6786

Elections Call Center: 601-576-2550

Fax: 601-576-2545

See a short video (48 sec) of President Trump commending Cindy Hyde-Smith for the Senate compliments of Breitbart News

Please share this Corsi Nation article with any Mississippi voter you know!