George Soros' Open Society Expelled from Turkey

Written by Editor-in-Chief

8725437113 30251b6405 b 1President Tayyip Erdogan has recently expelled George Soros, and his Open Society Foundations, from Turkey.

Erdogan sees George Soros, and the OSF, as a destabilzing and destructive influence on Turkey and specifically responsible for the anti-government Gezi Park protests of 2013. 

Soros denies responsibility for the Gezi protests.

Russia expelled Soros in 2013. The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office targeted George Soros’ Open Society Institute as an undesirable group and banned Russian citizens and organizations from participation in their projects.

The Open Society Foundations said it was “dismayed” by the Russian decision.

Hungary also expelled Soros' OSF in 2015. Victor Orbán's government introduced a bill in parliament, called the Stop Soros Law, to tighten restrictions on NGOs. Orbán has accused Soros of trying to wrest control of Hungary from elected officials

The OSF in Hungary has claimed that its critics, such as Orbán, are issuing a "hate campaign" against it.

Soros' expulsion from Russia, Hungary, and now Turkey suggests this question: Who's next?

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