Thousands of Brexit Marchers Chant in London Today: “We want out!”

Written by Editor-in-Chief

10725847516 be807bc298 bThe "Brexit Betrayal” March, initiated by UK Patriot Tommy Robinson against what is seen by many Brits as the selling out of Britain to the EU, is taking place in London today (Dec. 9).

Thousands of Brexiteers are peacefully marching chanting: “We want out!” “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Robinson,” and “What do we want? Brexit. When do we want it? Now.”

Many marchers wave British flags including the flag of St. George and the Royal Arms of England. Some wave the Ukip flag. One sign at the march reads: “The ballot box is mightier than the sword is no longer true."

The march was precipitated by what many in the UK see as May’s betrayal of her country. A majority of the people in Britain voted to exit the EU, and May and her EU counterparts turned their Brexit vote on its back. They see May's proposal as a betrayal and predict it will leave Britain subject to the rules and regulations of the EU for the next generation.  

A member of the UK Parliament Mr. Jacob Rees Mogg summed up the Brexiteer’s feelings of betrayal as he addressed other members of Parliament recently:

“My right honorable friend [referring to Teresa May] said that we would exit the customs union; annex 2 says otherwise. My right honorable friend said that she would maintain the integrity of the UK; a whole protocol says otherwise. My right honorable friend said that we would be out of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice; article 174 says otherwise. What my right honorable friend says and what my right honorable friend does no longer match.”

The rally is taking place just two days before the UK Parliament’s crucial vote on May’s Brexit deal.

A counter-protest is taking place in London as well, organised, in part, by Oppose Tommy Robinson.