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Corsi's Stepson Targeted by Mueller

Written by Staff Writer

Monday, Dr. Jerome Corsi and his wife Monica appeared on the Trish Reagan show to discuss the subpoena served on Monica's son Andrew Friday, January 11, 2019.

Meuller's team expanded their scope in their investigation by subpoenaing Andrew Stettner, and two other unnamed witnesses to testify before a grand jury.


Mueller is now going after Dr. Jerome Corsi's stepson because he erased a drive of an older computer for use in the family business before Dr. Corsi's subpoena.

The Mueller team is now going for an obstruction charge, despite the fact, Dr. Corsi has backups and hard drives available for the prosecutor.

Dr. Corsi appeared on the Trish Reagan show Monday with his wife Monica to discuss the overreach of the Mueller investigation. The Corsi family has undergone more than their fair share or persecution by the Mueller team as has many other families.

The Mueller team is now threatening to subpoena Matthew Whittaker for his comments last year on the Muller investigation.