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Yellow Vests emerging in the US to ferret out the deep state?

Written by Editor-in-Chief

Screen Shot 2019 02 09 at 5.36.04 PMSeething Frog is urging US Patriots to make their own Yellow Vest Movement analogous to the one in France. His purpose is to start a National Movement "to take down the Deep State."

The Yellow Vest protesters In France represent a persistent group of French citizens who have been protesting throughout France for thirteen consecutive weeks. Their name comes from the yellow vests that their government requires drivers to carry in their cars at all times. 

In general terms, the yellow vests are protesting Macron's leadership, the green globalist elites who control him, and, put simply, their inability to make ends meet.

Question: So why would Seething Frog promote a Yellow Vest Movement in the US?

Answer: Seething Frog says: "We are not going to let the deep state stay."  

His short (not cumulative) list ("talking points") of what US Yellow Vests could do includes examples such as:

-call out Congressional candidates as they visit the "hinterlands" and demand they represent us

-ask them the hard questions: why should we give our money to NATO; ask them about senomyx (a food and drink additive that amplifies flavors and smells derived from kidney tissue of a fetus) 

-ask why we should give support to NATO

-demand a review of Broward County election committee

-go to Cleveland to protest a teacher union going after a teachers strike

-insist that a full wall be built

-double the number of immigrant agents

-release JFK files 50 years after the fact

-do Antifa counter demonstrations

In short, call out the congressional candidates and "make them represent us." 

If you are interested, send Seething Frog an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include your Congressional District number (State and number e.g. CA37, OK01, FL13). Let him know if you will help coordinate and your contact email address.

Look for upcoming information at See more at "Neon Vests for all of us" (29:52m, Jan. 30) or click on the image above.