New! The Deplorable Choir Releases "Fake News"!

Written by Editor-in-Chief

Screen Shot 2019 03 07 at 11.07.48 AMThe Deplorable Choir has released their new song, "Fake News, Hot off the Press" today March 7 which lampoons the makers of fake news.      

This release comes not a moment too soon, providing Deplorable Choir fans welcome relief to the constant barrage of fake news assaults!

The new production features special appearances by Christine Blasey-Ford and AOC.

Their song includes --

lyrics such as--

"They'd [fake news media] rather see Trump blow up the world than with Rocket Man find some peace."

insightful descriptions of Dem's M.O. such as--

"creatin' problems just to solve 'em; creating diseases just to cure 'em."

even a prayer--

"I'ma gettin' sick from all the [expletive] they spew. Lord, 'won't you save us from their fake news!"

Ahh shucks--just listen to the whole thing here (2.39m) . Or click on the image at left.