Bill Still: Julian Assange Arrested in London

Written by Editor-in-Chief
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The world is learning that Julian Assange has been arrested by UK officials. Bill Still has reported on this latest development just minutes ago. 
Patriots around the world are praying for a just resolution for Assange.
See Still's video here: Still Report #2637.
Below are viewer reactions to Still's report -- 
Hope the Deep State does not murder Julian Assange ????
Pray for Assange . His Crime was to expose Clinton.
Right after US Attorney General Barr announced that Trump Tower was indeed Wiretapped. We must pray for both mens safety.
This so tragic and pray for this true patriot!! #WWG1WGA
What?!?! He has, of late, served the United States well. Let him go. Then keep him safe.
Without Julian, Trump would not be President. Pardon Now.
Bill, you have been on a roll lately keep it up!
YouTube censoring info on Julian Assange? Shame on them. May they soon face breakup of their control.
Fourth channel today with "Video unavailable" 
which cabal of naferious evildoers are more nervous....the demrats or the GOPelites?
His name was Seth Rich.
Everything he ever published was proved to be TRUE!
Julians get of jail card will be Seth and see!
This is more than a coincidence, POTUS knows more than we do and Julian Assange knows more about this than anyone. #PardonAssangeLetHimTestify.
Oh... your video was disallowed evidently. Nope... there it is. Had to go out and come back.
Wow they took down the Video!! same for Mark Dice..They more they do this the more excited i get to vote for President Trump. Latinos For Trump 2020!! MAGA
I see this as a master move. Once Julian is "investigated " Hillary's emails will become apparent .
Holy ???? you just got censored. It says this video is unavailable.
Seth Rich!! Don’t forget him too.
This is my 3 channel regarding Assange arrest that the video is unavailable.
ch .kuhn
Damn....Immed unavailable....You Tube censors working overtime this morning.
HERO ????????
At least now he can address the issues in court. There is no shortage of people who support him. To most of us he is a hero.
YouTube censoring comments as well! They must be terrified!
Time to boycott all Ecuadorian and British products ! The hell with them all !
Let’s pray ???? for this brave man!
John Bergman
Good! Make him testify about Seth Rich !