Red Flag Laws: Have We Already Forgotten FISA Abuses?

usa america american flag weapon security united states 650695 pxherecomIn the wake of a bloody weekend, lawmakers on both sides are calling for gun control laws not to mention red flag laws.

An article by Rick Manning on points out how easy it is, however, to abuse laws like this. In the wake of online outlets, celebrities, and lawmakers are calling Trump supporters, crazy and white supremacist, it would be only to easy for any one of them to abuse laws like this just to silence the opposition.


Rick Manning, in his article, stated:

"Almost thirty years ago, when I was the state lobbyist for the National Rifle Association handling New Jersey, I saw and fought against law enforcement’s abuse of that state’s gun laws. I remember the woman in her twenties who was not allowed to purchase a handgun by local law enforcement for five years until she won a court decision — all because she made the mistake of calling a suicide hotline one time when she was 16 and her parents were going through a divorce. That single call was viewed as a red flag and an excuse to deny her a handgun permit."

He goes on to say:

"And today, I see Democrat presidential candidate after Democrat presidential candidate promising to ban and confiscate guns. And I see President Donald Trump supporting a red flag law which will lay the groundwork for them to do it.

In a world where supporting Donald Trump is a red flag for the left, it is both politically and from a policy perspective disastrous for President Trump to support any red flag confiscation measure, no matter the purported “expedited due process” safeguard. In New York City, a MAGA hat wearing gallery owner was beaten for simply wearing the hat. In Miami, a black man wearing a MAGA hat at the Cheesecake Factory was surrounded and threatened by restaurant employees. Trump administration officials have repeatedly been harassed and denied service at restaurants, and Democratic officials have encouraged this behavior. The obvious truth is that the left has so demonized anyone who supports Donald Trump that no legal ground can be ceded to give these loons of the left a lawful pathway to confiscate guns. No amount of due process protection will matter to those who believe that all Trump supporters are Nazis and hence all Trump supporters are evil and should be stripped of their rights."